Luca Cereda is one of the best coaches around. In Ambrì, he was able to build a tight-knit group, in which a say “one for all and all for one” is not only a say but it’s a fact. He’s turning out to be an excellent tactician and even capable of drawing blood from stones if we consider the fact, that this season he always had to jump through hoops in order to line up a team.

Moreover, it’s always a pleasure to listen to him. Each interview with him is a lesson.

Luca made his debut as a coach very soon, also because of the fact, that – for health reasons – he had to hung up his skates very early. He coached in the National League for the first time as head coach on September 8th, 2017, when Ambrì-Piotta earned a 4-3 road win against Lugano… and from that moment on, his team was always a tough nut to crack.

But how does Luca Cereda really act during the games? And how does he prepare players?

We warmly invite you to watch the following video made by MySports.

It’s a 15 minutes video that is worth watching from start to finish.

It’s in German – with French subtitles – and, after an introduction during which Luca Cereda talks about himself and his career, you can see how he is acting during a game. The coach of the Ticinesi in fact, gave MySports the permission to film him on the bench with a microphone. You can see how Ambrì-Piotta’s coach manages his team… how he speaks to his players… and you can see the behind the scenes of a hockey game… We mean, it is absolutely unmissable!

Enjoy, guys…