HC Lugano vs HC Ambrì-Piotta 5-1 – Recap, game stats and video highlights!




Lugano earned a 5-1 home win against Ambrì-Piotta and therefore confirmed to be one of the most in-form team of the league in terms of results!

Let’s face it though, it wasn’t a very spectacular derby. Actually, at times, it was a snooze-festival. It seemed like – legitimately considering the importance of the points at stake – the two teams were mostly more scared of losing the game instead of willing to win it. In such a context, it came out a derby that was overall balances. But also a derby that, finally, Lugano deserved to win. Why? Because Serge Pelletier’s troops brought in more emotions at the key moments and were able to make the difference when it really counted. That’s not nothing for this team that, until before Christmas, seemed like a caged Lions.

The fact remains that the two teams went to the first break level on the score. Reto Suri gave the lead to the hosts and then Marco Müller scored the tying goal for the visitors. During the centaral period then, firstly the bianconeri scored two goals. The first one scored by Dario Bürgler but rightly disallowed because of an offside position. The second one, given, scored by Luca Fazzini – even though there was a doubt of an offside position – who therefore came back to score a goal after that derby played in mid-December that led to the dismissal of Sami Kapanen. And then, the Leventinesi tried to increase their level of play… but this time they weren’t able to score another tying goal.

During the last third we expected a fierce reaction from Luca Cereda’s troops. And instead, we could see more the smartness of Serge Pelletier’s guys. The latter handled the situation very well and were then able to make the difference during the last 6 minutes of play, when Alessio Bertaggia, Reto Suri – empty netter – and Massimo Ronchetti set the 5-1 final score!

Three crucial points for Lugano. A painful defeat for Ambrì-Piotta. A derby that wasn’t very emotional and during which things heated up a little only during the latest stages of the central period… a derby that, anyway, Lugano deserved to win thanks to a smart performance.


Reto Suri

Reto Suri is reborn, it’s as simple as that. He played a very gritty game – even too gritty, see the foul during the latest stages of the first period – but overall he delivered a fantastic performance enriched with two goals.



INTERVIEW – Julien Vauclair, Michael Ngoy, Luca Cereda