It’s Monday, and just like every Monday it’s time to talk about the Ticino Rockets!

The Rockets had a break last week, no games were played.


It’s time to get serious, it’s time to reap the fruits!

The Ticino Rockets are at the bottom of the table 4 points behind Winterthur because of the defeat suffered against the direct opponents on the second to last game before the break.

Now, however, we think that it doesn’t really matter what happened before the break. Or rather, it’s time to start from scratch, it’s time to take account of all the good things that have been done since last summer… and it’s time to reap the fruits of the hard work!

There are two regular season games left to play against Thurgau at home and Olten on the road. Also Winterthur will host Olten and then will travel to Langenthal for the last game of the regular season. Then, the playout will start. The Rockets will play two times against Sierre, EVZ Academy and Winterthur.

There is still the chance to avoid the League Qualification series. The Rockets have the fate in their hands.

Of course, the problem is that Reinhard and Reuille’s troops struggled this season against the teams that are in the lower part of the table. But now it’s time to make clear that the Ticino Rockets are alive. It’s time, as we said, to reap the fruits!

There are still 24 points at stake. It must be done everything to earn as many as possible of them. With the heart, the ones that these guys – and this club – use every day in order to make this reality stay afloat. A reality that deserved to continue to exist.

And so… come on guys, bring out the “Rocket” that is on you. Prove that you’re worth. Have fun. Show what you’re made of. You often play in the indifference of many people… make these people realize that they’re wront. This is your time, it’s your chance. Take it. We’re with you!

GO, Rockets, GOOOO!


Here are the last two regular season games…

Tuesday 11.02.2020 – HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs HC Thurgau

Thurgau are currently 5th placed but won only 3 of their last 8 games played. Moreover, they lost 4 of their last 5 home games. We mean, we’re talkin about a team that is having a great season… but a team that is not in its best form. A team against which the Rockets lost all the previous three head to head this season though.


The Rockets’ last win against Thurgau dates back to January 10th, 2017. On that occasion, they earned a 7-3 road win thanks to the goals scored by Alessandro Zanatta, Patrick Incir (2), Matteo Romanenghi (2), Roman Hrabec and Christian Stucki.

Saturday 15.02.2020 – EHC Olten vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets

This is a difficult one for the Rockets against Olten that are currently 3rd placed and have by far the best home record of the Swiss League. Olten, however, lost their last 3 games before the break… and the Ticino Rockets turned out to be a tough nut to crack for Olten the last time they visited them, as they suffered only a shootout defeat.


The Ticino Rockets never won against Olten in history. This season, however, Reinhard and Reuille’s guys earned several “first” historical wins against big teams… right?

Have a great week, Rockets, keep it up and… GOROCKETSGO!