Today, February 8th 2020, Ambrì-Piotta announced that Patrick Incir and Igor Jelovac got injured.

That’s an ordinary press release just like many you can read during an ice hockey season. We mean, business as usual. Except that… except that this season Hockey Club Ambrì-Piotta had to issue more press releases about injuries than any other information.

We mean, that’s enough!

We’re neutral, you all know that. But guys, we’re really bordering on the ridiculous here. We mean, this is no longer about bad luck… in this case, Lady Luck decided to turn her back on the Leventinesi and to make their life a hell. Literally.

Let’s have a look at the following chart that shows the absences of players during the current season.

Data is from

The only players who don’t have any yellow case – the one that represents games missed because of injury – are Isacco Dotti, Nick Plastino, Chris Egli, Mattia Hinterkircher, Marco Müller, Anthony Neuenschwander, Joel Neuenschwander and Noele Trisconi. That’s enough to make a line and a half.

We think that the Biancoblù are about to break some record. And that’s not certainly the kind of record you want to break.

Why so many injuries? You can only make assumptions, but none would be noteworthy especially is made from the outside. One thing is sure though, last season Ambrì-Piotta had a quiet season in terms of injury. And this fact should prove that the summer preparation is not the problem.

And yet, that said… Luca Cereda never complained, even though he’s the one who has to make a painstaking work to prepare the line-up. And the team, in spite of all the difficulties, is having a great season and still has the chance to make the playoffs.

There is no point in beating round the bus. Absences are a problem for each team. When it comes to Ambrì-Piotta, however, absences are a bigger problem that for many other teams. Because the roster, also beacuse of limited financial source, is not very deep.

And so, we think it’s safe to say that the Leventinesi are doing wonders as their results are quite positive after all. The club’s target was, and still is, to survive. And in this regard, we think that the team can achieve the target.

But if Ambrì-Piotta should make the playoffs – and we’re pretty sure that the club will do everything until the end to make it… – we can certainly talk about a real “sports miracle”. To the face of Lady Luck… who as much as she probably dislike the Biancoblù, at some point she will just give up on all this torturing. Right? Or maybe not…

Up and at them. And dear Bad Luck… that’s enough, all right?