Elvis (Merzlikins) is still in the building and he is already making history!


We published an article few weeks ago in which we wrote that Elvis had entered the building… and now, he is still in the building. He just doesn’t want to come out and already wrote a piece of history!

As you all know, we follow the NHL only casually. Our friend Hans Leimgruber instead, follows the NHL more constantly. In fact, he’s modest and he denies… but we consider him an expert of what happens overseas.

He is the one who, this morning, told us that Elvis Merzlikins has entered history. He is the one who provided us with some very interesting facts.

Elvis earned his 5th shutout in the last 8 appearances. In other words, he is the first goalie that, as “rookie”, earned 5 shutouts in 8 games since 1938!

Guys, we don’t know how many of you were already born in 1938. But many people, way too many regardless of the date of birth, already thought that Elvis Merzlikins’ time overseas would last short after that he had a difficult start. And instead Elvis – also with the help of Fausto Donadelli as he mentioned in an interview with Corriere del Ticino – is living his dream. The dream he’s been chasing since when he was a child!

We mean, Elvis is a special goalie. Why special? Because he’s crazy, it seems like he is having so much fun, because he is “arrogant” (in a very good way, only those who are very self-confident can achieve such results), because he is a “show man”… but also, most and above all, because his talent is out of the ordinary, and because he doesn’t hesitate when it comes to thanking in public his teammates that several times save his … well, they help him, as he says 🙂

Just like it’s happening right now in Columbus, where the team coached by Tortorella is rock solid. This, also thanks to Elvis though.

He is a goalie that in Switzerland, despite his young age, had already proved capable of playing a key role in a team that aims to win the title. And after his Swiss experience, he even improved. Or rather, he’s is different. Because as he admitted, he needed to adapt to a different kind of hockey.

It didn’t take him long, anyway. And this fact allowed him to earn already 5 shutouts.

Shutout is a word Elvis loves. He lives to earn shutouts. With Lugano, he had his first ever shutout on Friday 13th of December 2013… So much for the fact that Friday 13th – moreover, of 2013… – is bad luck!

After that, he collected 16 other shutouts (for a total of 17) until the end of the 2018-19 season.

In other words, Elvis Merzlikins in Columbus earned already approximately 30% of the shutouts he had earned in Lugano in 6 seasons! And currently, he is the NHL goalie with the highest number of shutouts this season. It’s impressive!

Said about shutouts, let’s move on to other figures…

Other than being the goalie with the highest number of shutouts, Elvis Merzlikins is also currently the goalie with the highest saving percentage of the NHL (.930), and he is 4th when it comes to goals average against (2.20)… and if we exclude the 7 goals conceded against the Pittsburgh Penguins, his GAA would be 1.78 per game which would be by far the best among the NHL goalies!

Now, there is no denying that Elvis is “on fire” and it’s unthinkable that he can keep it up forever. But there is also no denying that over here in Switzerland we had the luck to admire him. For us that we’re based in Ticino, moreover, it was even more incredible to have the luck to admire this goalie in our region.

Elvis still has room for improvement, but he’s turning out to be – we’re not scare of saying it – one of the best goalies in the world. A goalie that, moreover, is mentally very strong. At the “key moment” – when Korpisalo got injured – he was able to literally jump at the chance after that he’d had a difficult start. By doing so, he proved to have the right mindset to become one of the best goalies around!

In this regard, we think it’s fair to stress once again the credits that Fausto Donadelli deserved. He’s Elvis’ mental coach that we have the pleasure to know and that is doing an incredible work. Beyond that, meanwhile, making clear that “mental” is crucial in modern sport.

Great job Elvis, keep it up!