The 2019-20 edition of the Champions Hockey League came to an end and the Fröluna Indians won the trophy for the fourth time in six years. Therefore, the Swedes confirm to be the best team in Europe! This time as well, unfortunately none of the Swiss teams made it all the way to the final.

That said, we had again the impression that many fans don’t care about this competition. If we exclude the road game of Ambrì-Piotta against Münich and the home game of Bienne against Frölunda at the quarterfinal stages in fact, many supporters weren’t very interested in this tournament.

“It’s better to focus on the National League”, “It’s better to avoid injuries”, “it’s not worth financially”… Oftentimes, this is the voice of people. Voice that, in our opinion, are disappointing.

Or rather, when it comes to finances, it’s clear that the Champions Hockey League is not profitable. In fact, it’s a loss-making deal for the clubs that don’t reach the semi-final stages. But this is a subject that should concern only the clubs, not the fans.

Having said that, there is no denying that this competition – especially in Switzerland – is less followed than it could be. We talked with one of our readers yesterday, and we discussed about what can be done to increase the appeal of the Champions Hockey League.

In our opinion, it’s mainly a matter of “time”. Tournaments in fact, very often become prestigious and gain popularity over time. With time, rivalries between teams start, people get used to the competition and the palmares becomes legendary.

Moreover, it’s also a matter of “continuity”, and in this regard we think it’s safe to say that the CHL is going the right way considering that the format has been the same since 2014.

Then again, you can always do something to improve.

In our opinion, for example, it could be interesting to introduce a “Final Four” to replace the semi-finals and the final. The “Final Four” is the format that already in the past, when European competitions were not as structured as today, was working. To organize a three-days of hockey in a place where four teams face each other to win the trophy… well, it works. The whole event turns into a fantastic hockey party that can also become more interesting for the sponsors.

As our reader said, moreover, we could introduce some sort of “International Cup”. The winners of the Champions Hockey League could play the winners of the Stanley Cup. Just like it happened in 2009, when the ZSC Lions won the Victoria Cup as they defeated the Chicago Blackhawks.

Moreover, our reader also said that the National League should stop when there are CHL games. Adding that national TV could show one game a week. These are all suggestions that we think are interesting.

What about you, do you have more suggestions?

It’s clear that hockey is not football (thank god…). However, we think it can be interesting to make the Champions Hockey League a more coveted tournament. It’s a competition we really like, and we always follow with passion!