It’s Monday, and just like every Monday it’s time to talk about the Ticino Rockets!

Unfortunately last week the guys suffered two defeats. Let’s have a look…


HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs EHC Winterthur 1-7

This was THE game to win. And instead, the Rockets suffered a painful 7-1 home defeat. The Rockets were in the game until the half-an-hour mark… Kevin Bozon gave the lead to Winterthur during the first period and shortly before the half-an-hour mark Timo Haussener scored the tying goal for the troops coached by Reinhard and Reuille. Then, however, it all went south as Martin Alihodzic, Kevin Bozon, Thibaut Monnet (2), Marcel Razzi and Pascal Blaser set the 7-1 final score in the visitors’ favor. It was a game to forget.

EHC Visp vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets 3-2 (SO)

From a game to forget to a game to remember. The Rockets earned 1 point at the Lonza Arena. The Ticinesi scored the first goal of the night with Jason Fritsche during the first period and were ahead in the score until the half-an-hour, when Marc Steiner scored the tying goal for the hosts. Few minutes later then, Marco Cavalleri restored the Rockets lead but already before the second break the Sédunois tied things up again with Troy Josephs. The score didn’t change until the shootout series, during which Tomas Dolana and Troy Josephs earned the extra point for Visp.


From a game to forget to a game to remember…

In the interview we made with the two coaches of the Ticino Rockets – see article… –  Sébastien Reuille said that the Ticino Rockets tend to deliver excellent performances when they “can” win games while they darn struggle when they “have” to win games.

Sébastien said that to us two weeks ago. But this last week was the umpteenth prove that “Séba” was right.

The Ticino Rockets “had” to – or rather, should have… – win against Winterthur in order to leave the bottom of the table position but they suffered a painful defeat.

Then, the Rockets “could” try to win against Visp on the road. They didn’t win, but the earned a precious point at the Lonza Arena against a team that – at home – had won 3 of the previous 4 games played.

This last week surely taught a lot to the Rockets.

Reinhard and Reuille’s troops suffered a painful defeat against the rival Winterthur and then earned a point in Visp. The Rockets earned 4 our of the 12 points available against Visp this season. While Visp, always this season, won 4 times out of 4 against Winterthur, scoring a total of 24 goals and conceding only 7.

We’re back to the topic that the Ticino Rockets are doing great against strong teams while they struggle against teams of similar level. And this fact, frankly speaking, it’s a problem… because from now on, the Ticinesi will play mainly against teams that are similar level.

There are two games left to be played until the end of the regular season. Firstly the Ticino Rockets will host Thurgau and then will travel to Olten. After that, they will play six more games – home&away – against Sierre, EVZ Academy and Winterthur in the post-season.

This last six games, and especially the last four, will say a lot about the future of the Ticino Rockets.

We’re pretty sure that the Ticino Rockets learned their lesson this last week. And that they will be able to avoid the bottom of the table position and therefore also the League Qualification series.

Come on, Rockets, show what you’re made of!


This week the Rockets will not play… therefore, now more than ever, keep up the hard work!