Definition of “boredom”:

The state of feeling bored beacuse of monotony, lack of events. Tedium.

One thing is sure, the fans of Fribourg Gottéron don’t have the word “boredom” or any kind of synonym in their dictionary 🙂

When it comes to Fribourg Gottéron, it comes to a team that always gives food for thought. For better or worse.

Let’s face it, you can’t be a supporter of Fribourg Gottéron if you have a weak heart. Whoever supports Fribourg Gottéron always must be ready for everything. For better or worse. Whoever supports Fribourg Gottéron never knows exactly what to expect from the games. His “heroes” can deliver a showstopper performance as well as an irritating one.

Let’s take inspiration from the recent facts.

The Dragons are battling for the playoffs. But they darn struggle to establish themselves in the top 8 because, mostly, of the lack of consistency. A win is oftentimes followed by a defeat. Two wins are oftentimes followed by two defeats. Three wins seem to be the turning point of the season, but then… here it comes, punctual, an underperformance right on the eve of the international break.

To sum up, the last couple of weeks were the most faithful mirror of this club’s history. A club that alternates good seasons to poor ones. And this, even though on paper there is always everything it takes to have a decent campaign.

Gottéron were able not to win titles during the Bykov-Khomutov era. Gottéron were able to lose all the finals they played. Gottéron can gift their fans with memorable years followed by enervating one.

Then again…

Gottéron are also able to gift their fans with indescribable emotions. Gottéron are also able to deliver performances that are pure joy in terms of commitment. Gottéron are also able to bring spectacular players on the shores of the Sarine. They’re able to be creative, exciting, unique… on and off the ice.

They say that if someone could write a book to understand women… he would become millionaire. Yet guys, if someone could write a book to understand Fribourg Gottéron, or rather he would have the courage to do so, well… he would become a millionaire too.

It’s always a rollercoaster of emotions on the shores of the Sarine. You can go from enthusiasm to desperation in no time. Ups and downs, there is almost never something in the middle. There is almost never a season that can be described as “normal”. For better of worse, ça va sans dire.

We mean… if Fribourg Gottéron did not exist, it would have to be invented 🙂

Nota bene: this article is semi-serious. We love you Dragons, and we wish you all the best!