It’s Monday, and just like every Monday it’s time to talk about the Ticino Rockets!

Unfortunately last week the guys suffered two defeats. Let’s have a look…


HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs HC Sierre 3-6

Sierre earned a 6-3 road win in Biasca at the end of a hard-fought game. During the first period Marc Camichel gave the lead to the Rockets but already before the first break Eric Castonguay and Guillaume Asselin turned the score around. During the early stages of the second period then, Max Gerlach tied things up for the hosts but it didn’t last much, because in a matter of few minutes again Eric Castonguay restored the visitors lead. Reinhard and Reuille’s troops reacted though, and shortly after that scored another tying goal, this time with Loic Vedova… but that was the last goal of the night for the Rockets. Because already before the second break Enzo Guebey restored the lead for Sierre. And because during the last 10 minutes of play, after that the Ticino Rockets had tried their hardest to get back in the game, Yoan Massimino and Mathieu Vouillamoz set the 6-3 final score in Sierre’s favor.

EHC Kloten vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets 9-1

The Rockets suffered a clear 9-1 road defeat against Kloten. During the first period Eric Faillle put the Airmen ahead in the score, Max Gerlach tied things up for the visitors and then Robin Figren restored Kloten’s lead. The hosts then took a 3-goals lead during the central period with Robin Firgren and Nicholas Steiner… but most and above all, they set up the 9-1 final score after the second break thanks to Ramon Knellwolf (2), Fabian Ganz, Emilijus Krakauskas and Fabian Sutter.


January 28th, the date to mark!

The Ticino Rockets are a “farm team”. In other words, results are not all that counts. Each player that plays for the Rockets and then makes it to the National League in fact, is the club’s biggest achievement. The last one who made it is Rocco Pezzullo, who made his National League debut on Saturday night with Ambrì-Piotta.

Starting from this year, however, also the results are somehow important considering that the last team of the Swiss League will have to play a League Qualification series against the MySports League winners.

There is no point in beating round the bush, the relegation would be a disaster. First of all for all those people that works for the Biasca Ticino Rockets on and off the ice. Secondly, for all the young players who would lose the chance to play in a strong league in order to make experience before eventually making it to the National League.

We mean, now more than ever… the Rockets need support!

Starting from this Tuesday, January 28th, when Reinhard and Reuille’s troops will host Winterthur in Biasca. Considering the current table in fact, it seems evitent that it will be one between Rockets and Winterthur to play the League qualification series.

And these two teams, that are only 2 points apart with Winterthur in front, will face each other three more times. The first time, as we said, this Tuesday, January 28th. The other two times instead, during the post-season that will involve the last 4 teams of the table that will face each other two times.

Anyway, the three games against Winterthur are likely to be the most important in the Ticino Rockets’ history. Three games that will not be suitable for the faint of heart. Starting from this one, that can even be useful in order to “send a message” in view of the other two. And three games that, we are sure, will teach a lot to the boys coached by Reinhard and Reuille. We mean, it’s the golden opportunity to play games that put very imoprtant points at stake!

Then again, it wouldn’t hurt to earn points also other teams that aren’t Winterthur… right? 🙂

And so, dear Rockets… up and at them. Show what you’re made of!

To conclude, be aware that in the coming days there will be a special edition of the “Rockets’ Monday”. We will publish, in fact, the sum up of the long chat we had with Alex Reinhard and Sebastien Reuille. Don’t miss it!


Let’s see the next games…

Tuesday 28.01.2020 – HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs EHC Winterthur

This is THE game. The Rockets face Winterthur for the fourth time this season. So far, there was no deal to make for the Ticinesi as Winterthur won all the previous three head to head. To note, that Winterthur are coming off 9 consecutive defeats and that they have the worst away record of the Swiss League.


The Rockets’ last win against Winterthur dates back to December 4th, 2018. On that occasion, in Biasca, the Rockets earned a 2-0 win thanks to the goal scored by Dario Rohrbach and Jason Fritsche.

Friday 31.01.2020 – EHC Visp vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets

Rockets and Visp will face each other for the fourth and last time this season. Visp won the first two times while the Ticino Rockets won the last time. To date, the Sédunois won 3 of their last 5 games. At home instead, they won only 2 of their last 6.


The Rockets’ last road win against Visp dates back to October 10th, 2017. On that occasion, they earned a 4-3 overtime win thanks to the goals scored by Elia Mazzolini (2), Robin Fuchs and Patrick Incir. The Sédunois’ scorers were Jens Nater, Oliver Achermann and Fernando Heynen.

Have a great week, Rockets, keep it up and… GOROCKETSGO!