1’789 days… much time has passed since February 24th, 2015, to January 18th, 2020. That is, since when Lugano had won for the last time a regular season game at the Hallenstadion!

Last night the Bianconeri – considering their current situation and considering the importante of the points at stake – delivered the perfect performance in Zürich. A performance that earned them 3 crucial points. And a performance that was a confidence booster for the troops coached now by Serge Pelletier.

Paradoxically, in our opinion, the defeat suffered on Friday night at home against Langnau was benefical. We mean, we think that that defeat increased the hunger of the Bianconeri who, even if only subconsciously, would have been less focused at the Hallenstadion if they had won on Friday night against the Tigers.

The fact remains that finally Lugano, 1’789 days later, came back to win a regular seasaon at the Hallenstadion again!

Let’s relive that night of almost 5 years ago…

24.02.2015 – ZSC Lions vs HC Lugano 2-3

The coach of the Bianconeri was Patrick Fischer and that was the last regular season game. It was a meaningless game for the Lions, who were already sure to finish the regular season at the top of the table. It was instead a tricky game for Lugano. In fact, Lugano could “pick” their playoffs opponents. In case of a win at the Hallenstadion, Genève Servette would have been the opponents at the quarterfinal stages. In case of a defeat at the Hallenstadion instead, Davos would have been the opponents at the quarterfinal stages.

The Bianconeri decided to give it all in Zürich. They took the lead during the first period thanks to Linus Klasen. During the central period then, Patrik Bärtschi scored the tying goal for the Lions and at 8 minutes to the end of the game Luca Cunti put the hosts ahead. Patrick Fischer’s troops, however, showed some real personality… and during the last 3 minutes of play turned the score around with Linus Klasen and Juraj Simek. That win meant that the quarterfinal opponents were Genève Servette. And let us no forget that, back then, the Eagles were the Bianconeri’s knightmare.

With hindsight, the Bianconeri’s choice didn’t pay off. At the quarterfinal stages in fact, Patrick Fisher’s troops lost 4-2 overall against Genève Servette. The fact remains though, that the win in Zürich remained the last one during the regular season until January 18th, 2020.

Doug Shedden wasn’t able to win in Zürich during the regular season. Same goes for Greg Ireland. We mean, one way or another, Serge Pelletier wrote a piece of history 🙂

What about Zürich instead? Last night’s defeat suffered against Lugano was a painful one. There is nothing bad that is not good for something though… if you’re supersticious in fact, it’s worth to stress that the last time the Lions lost at home against Lugano during the regular season, they they won the title!

Good luck for the last part of the season, Lions and Bianconeri!