Let’s answer immediately the question of the title. We care. Then certainly Ajoie’s fans care, considering that the Patinoire Voyeboeuf of Porrentruy is already sold out. Finally, it’s likely that also the fans of Bienne, Rapperswil and Davos care… the fans of the other three teams that are one step away from making it to the final.

But then, probably, no one else care. The fact alone that the Swiss Ice Hockey Cup semi-finals are scheduled during the international break, makes it clear that this competition is not very considered. Frankly speaking, it’s sad. Even if only because the teams will not be at their full strength.

Never mind. We care about this tournament. And we’ll never understand those who don’t. Ideally, this is the “easiest” trophy to lift. Five wins, and you lift the trophy. It’s as “simple” as that. Moreover, it’s an official competition. We think that if you want to build a winning mindset, you always must aim at winning everything. Then maybe you fail, but we think that say “who care about the Swiss Cup” is a looser statement.

Having said that, here is our preview of the semi-finals!


This semi-final promises to be exciting. Ajoie are the last Swiss League club out there and made it to the semi-final thanks to the win earned against Wiki-Münsingen, Lausanne and ZSC Lions. Bienne for their part, got rid of Hockey Huttwil, Ambrì-Piotta and Langnau.

Ajoie vs Bienne will not be a game just like any other. These two teams in fact, gifted the fans with epic battles when the Seeländers were still in the NLB. We mean, let’s face it, they were huge rivals!

Ajoie and Seeländers never faced each other in the Swiss Cup.

To note, the last official game between Ajoie and Bienne dates back to March 16th 2008. Back then, it was game-7 of the NLB semi-final. At the Eisstadion of Bienne, the Seeländers earned a 4-2 win thanks to the goals scored by Alexandre Tremblay, Alain Miéville, Gianni Ehrensperger and Jörg Reber. Ajoie’s scorers were Stéphane Roy and Lionel D’Urso.

At the end of that season, Bienne were promoted to the NLA and the two teams never faced each other again.


The game between Rapperswil and Davos will be a tight one. Rappi made it to the semi-final thanks to the win earned against Kloten, Fribourg Gottéron and Zug. The Ibexes for their part got rid of Frauenfeld, Lugano and Bern.

It will not be the first time that Rappi and Davos face each other in the Swiss Cup. The last head to head in this competition goes back to last season, when Rapperswil earned a 4-3 overtime road win at the quarterfinal stages. The most notable previous head to head instead goes back to 2018… when Rappi, back then a Swiss League side, earned a 7-2 win in the final and lifted the trophy!

To note that this season Rapperswil and Davos faced each other two times in the National League. Both times in Rapperswil. And both times, the Ibexes prevailed… firstly they earned a 4-3 win and then a 5-4 overtime win.

Enjoy the semi-finals, guys. May the best team win!