Not many people are into the Swiss Ice Hockey Cup, unfortunately. Now that we reached the semi-final stages, however, more and more supporters start to be interested in this competition. Certainly, Ajoie are interested as they’re the only Swiss League side vying to win the trophy.

Ajoie will host Bienne at the Patinoire Voyeboeuf of Porrentruy this Sunday, December 15th 2019. And it will be the first time that these two teams face each other in an official competition after 4’291 days!

To start, we all know that the games between Ajoie and Bienne aren’t just games like any other. These two teams in fact, gifted the fans with fantastic and exciting hockey nights, with epic battles, especially during the playoffs, when the Seeländers were still in the NLB. The rivalry came to an end in 2008, when the Seeländers were finally promoted.

And right prior to the promotion of the Seeländers, Ajoie and Bienne had faced each other at the NLB playoffs semi-final stages. A semi-final that required game-7 in order to establish the winners. That game was played on March 16th, 2008 at the Eisstadion of Bienne and the Seeländers earned a 4-2 home win thanks to the goals scored by Alexandre Tremblay, Alain Miéville, Gianni Ehrensperger and Jörg Reber. Ajoie’s scorers were Stéphane Roy and Lionel D’Urso.

Let’s watch the video highlights of that game.

16.03.2008 – EHC Biel-Bienne vs HC Ajoie 4-2

What about that for passion. A contagious passion. Those were different times, when the “Capitano” of Bienne Mathieu Tschantré was already playing for the club based in the Seeland.

We’re pretty sure though, that most of the fans of Ajoie didn’t forget that game. And they will want to do everything they can to support their team this Sunday. After all, they also have some good memories when it comes to the last game played against Bienne at the Patinoire Voyeboeuf.

Game-6 of that semi-final in fact, was played in Porrentruy and Ajoie earned a 5-3 win thanks to the goals scored by René Friedli, Stéphane Roy, Steven Barras and the legend James Desarmais (2). The Seeländers’ scorers instead, were Alexandre Tremblay (2) and Robert Burakovsky.

Let’s watch the video highlights of that game.

14.03.2008 – HC Ajoie vs EHC Biel-Bienne 5-3

In this case too, the only adjective that comes to our mind is “passion”. A contagious one.

And a passion that, we’re sure, will be felt also this Sunday at the sold out Patinoire Voyeboeuf.

Because even though it’s been many years, the games between Ajoie and Bienne will never be like any other. This one will not be a game like any other as well, even if it is all about the Swiss Ice Hockey Cup.

Ajoie have demonstrated over the last few years that they’re capable of defeating National League’s sides. And they have every intention of defeating also the “rivals” Bienne. The Seeländers for their part never made it all to way to the Swiss Cup final… and have every intention of doing it this year, by defeating their “former” rivals Ajoie. To later, maybe, get back to lift a trophy for the first time since 2008, when after getting rid of Ajoie at the semi-final stages, they won the final against La Chaux-de-Fonds and the League Qualification series against Basel!

And so, may the best team win. We just can’t wait for the first puck drop of this game. It might be “only” the Swiss Cup but… we’re sure that it will be fun!