You can say that the first international break is the first moment when you can analyse the teams. This because, after two months of games, the teams – and the players – should, somehow, start to show their real potential.

If you exaggerate, you can almost say that a new season starts after the first international break. Therefore, let’s have a look at the National League table for the period between the first and the second international break.

National League table (12.11.2019 – 10.12.2019)

Teams are ranked by points on average per game.

Zug were the best team in terms of points on average per game between the two breaks. It’s not really a surprise. Dan Tangnes’ troops in fact, are improving a lot even though they still have room for improvement.

Genève Servette’s record is excellent as well. The Eagles never cease to amaze and this last month they suffered only two “0 points” defeats. We think it’s safe to say that Patrick Emond’s troops are the nicest surprise of this part of the season.

Moving on, we find Davos third placed. The Ibexes have seemed tired lately and have lacked consistency. Yet, they’re having a hell of a season, also this last month, regardless of the performances, they kept on earning points.

Then, Bern are improving. And it seems like they got out of hibernation mode. Their performances were good last month. Moreover, since the arrival of Tomi Karhunen they’ve started to earn points.

Let’s move on to the disappointments. Namely ZSC Lions, Rapperswil, Lausanne, Langnau and Lugano. Teams that, however, are to be judged differently.

The Lions had an expectable “low phase” in terms of consistency. But they’re still at the top of the table, deservedly so. Rapperswil on the other hand, regardless of the results, are having a very good season and are always a tough nut to crack. What about Langnau then? Lately the Tigers have been earning only few points, but the performances have been good most of the times.

Therefore, we think that the real disappointments both in terms of results and performances are Lausanne and Lugano.

The Lions Vaudois have a great potential and you can see it. Yet, in our opinion, way too often they don’t bring in enough emotions into the games. Same goes somehow for the Bianconeri. Sami Kapanen’s guys have less potential on paper compared to Lasusanne, but they can do much better than that and their latest positive results should allow them to work with more calm during this week.

Then again, things can suddenly change very fast for each team. This is the beauty of sport. Have a good second part of the season guys 🙂