Raphael Herburger will join Lugano starting from next season. We’re talking about a player who’s doing very well in the EBEL with Red Bull Salzburg. Just to say, he’s tallied 32 points in 22 games to date, including 11 goals.

The Bianconeri bet on him, and we can say that their bet is comparable to the bet Ambrì-Piotta did with Fabio Hofer. Let us not forget that the latter, after an adjustment period, turned out to be a precious player in Switzerland.

Raphael Herburger, however, has a great advantage compared to Fabio Hofer. That is, he knows already the National League. Raphael in fact, played for Bienne between 2013 and 2016. In Switzerland he collected 155 appearances with the Seeländers tallying 65 points, including 29 goals. And it seems like Lugano was in his destiny… why?

We tell you immediately.

Overall, Raphael Herburger scored 0.42 points on average per game in Switzerland. If we take only the games played against Lugano into consideration instead, he scored 0.60 on average!

There is more. He scored a total of 29 goals in Switzerland, including 5 against Lugano. Raphael Herburger played 10 games against Lugano during 3 seasons and scored 5 goals. It means 0.50 goals scored on average per game against Lugano… which is much more compared to the 0.18 goals scored on average per game overall in Switzerland!

Here is the detail of Raphael Herburger’s stats of the games played against Lugano.

Points vs HC Lugano

2013-14 2 1 0 1
2014-15 4 2 0 2
2015-16 4 2 1 3
Total 10 5 1 6


We mean, Lugano was already in his destiny 🙂

Surely Raphael Herburger did hurt the Bianconeri more than any other team during his first experience in Switzerland. We’ll see next season if he can do the same against other teams but with the Bianconeri’s jersey.

Anyway, we think that the move of Hnat Domenichelli was quite smart. Raphael Herburger has a Swiss licence, has National League experience and it seems like he’s improved over the years. Perhaps he is not that kind of a name that makes the fans’ dream but he’s certainly a solid player is turning out to be a scoring machine in the DEL this season.

If we look at his stats and his previous experience in Bienne, we think he can be a very good player for the bottom six. Moreover, he was on fire when he was facing Lugano… this could be a good sign 🙂

See you in Switzerland, Raphael!