HC Davos vs HC Ambrì-Piotta 1-2 – Game recap, statistics and video highlights!


HC Davos vs HC Ambrì-Piotta 1-2


Ambrì-Piotta earned a 2-1 road win against Davos at the end of a game that was quite intense but certainly not a very high-level one.

Overall, we think it’s safe to say that Davos would have deserved something more. The hosts in fact, had more puck possession and even had more clear scoring chances.

However, we want to underline that Ambrì-Piotta deserved the win. Even if only because, in such impossible circumstances considering all the injuries, Luca Cereda’s guys fought hard in an almost touchy way. Moreover, with all due respect for Davos obviously, it was about that that episodes turned in their favor for once. Without forgetting that they were able to score the right goals at the right time.

Just like after 6 minutes and 43 seconds of play, when Joël Neuenschwander scored the first goal of the night. And just like at the half-an-hour mark, when Elia Mazzolini extended their lead to 2-goals.

Davos then obviously tried their hardest to come back, and at 4 minutes and a half to the end even scored their first goal of the night with Chris Egli who made it a brand new game. But Ambrì-Piotta never really panicked, they fought hard and finally earned 3 very important points!


Luca Cereda

The commitment of each single player was incredible. For this, symbolically, we reward the coach.