Janick Steinmann was an unlucky player. At the age of 29 in fact, after yet another concussion suffered when he was playing for Lugano, decided to hang up his skates. That was also recommended by the doctors. Rightly so, health comes first after all. It was the 2015-16 season.

Janick didn’t stop for long though. Zug hired him as scout for the first team and development coach for the EVZ Academy. During the 2017-18 and 2018-19 season then, he was even the assistant coach of the young Bulls.

Last April 2019 instead, it came some sort of turning point of his career. When Rapperswil announced that Janick Steinmann is the new SD. With hindsight and in the light of the results of this first part of the season, perhaps he was the best signing of the Lakers!

Obviously, the biggest part of the team had already been built before his arrival. And in this regard, we think it’s safe to say that the club did a brilliant job with the signings of Daniel Vukovic and Flurin Randegger who’d joined the club before Steinmann’s arrival.

Daniel Vukovic and Flurin Randegger are in fact, that kind of players who are perhaps not very spectacular but are crucial for any team that wants to have success.

From Janick Steinmann’s arrival instead, the following players joined Rapperswil:

Andrew Rowe, Dominik Egli and Roman Cervenka. Other than the young talent Frantisek Rehak. Always on the eve of the season then, also Niklas Gällstedt and Sven Berger joined the club to complete the technical staff and Thomas Weber as fitness trainer.

Let’s get down to the details.

Andrew Rowe is a real leader on ice. A very precious player that perhaps lacks little bit of consistency but that when he’s at the top of his game is an incredible player.

Roman Cervenka is pure class, a won bet. Rapperswil made a qualitative leap thanks to the talent of the former Gottéron and ZSC Lions top class forward.

Frantisek Rehak on the other hand is still very young, therefore unexperienced. But he’s turning out to be a real talent.

What about Dominik Egli then? Perhaps the best transfer? It’s likely that this is the transfer of the year. We all knew Dominik was talented, but maybe not everybody thought he could blossom immediately.

Let us not forget about Niklas Gällstedt and Sven Berger then, who seem to get on very well with Jeff Tomlinson. And the new fitness trainer Thomas Weber as well… considering how Rappi are doing, it’s clear that the team is in a great physical condition.

What if we talk about the present? During this season, Juraj Simek and Noah Shneeberger joined the club on loan and now the roster is deeper and more experienced. For the future instead, Igor Jelovac, Lukas Lhotak and Rjan Sataric will join the club next summer.

We mean, this is what you call a terrific job!

It’s very difficult for a team to come back to the top tier of Swiss hockey after spending few years in the Swiss League. The current system of promotion/relegation prevents the club from planning the first season after the comeback. In fact, a newly promoted team must content itself with the little available on the marker.

Rapperswil darn struggled last season and it was even to be expected. Then, however, they added experience, talent and young interesting guys to the roster. And the results are there for everyone to see.

Now Rappi are seriously a tough nut to crack, a team that is certainly still perfectible but that, with less financial means compared to the concurrence, is proving to be worth the National League. A team that is laying the foundations for a right future. A team that is working very well.

The new additions are all making the difference based on their characteristics. And perhaps in the end, the one who is making even more the difference is Janick Steinman. Who, to answer the question of the title, to sup up he was probably the best addition for Rappi.  As a SD he looks like to be a real precious gem for the present and the future of this club that, after few years in hell, is finally back where it belongs… in the National League!

I nuovi innesti stanno tutti facendo la differenza in base alle loro caratteristiche. E forse alla fine, colui che più di tutti fa la differenza, è proprio Janick Steinmann. Che, per rispondere alla domanda del titolo, forse è stato davvero l’acquisto più azzeccato. Come DS pare essere una vera e propria gemma preziosa per il presente ed il futuro di questo club che dopo alcuni anni passati all’inferno è tornato dove merita di stare… in National League!