HC Lugano vs ZSC Lions 3-1 – Game recap, statistics and video highlights!


HC Lugano vs ZSC Lions 3-1


Lugano eraned a 3-1 home win against the ZSC Lions and therefore confirmed that they have every intention of coming out of the current situation on their own.

We think it’s safe to say two things. The league leaders delivered, overall, one of their worst performances of the season. Only at times in fact, Rikard Grönborg’s troops were able to increase their level of play. Meanwhile, there is no denying that the Bianconeri deserved the win.

Sami Kapanen’s guys delivered overall a solid defensive performances. In our opinion, the game played at the Cornèr Arena wasn’t very spectacular – at times, we think it was a snooze-festival – but Lugano were nevertheless able to score the right goals at the right time.

Just like at the beginning… in fact, it took only 104 seconds to Dominic Lammer to score the first goal of the night. A goal that was a godsend for the Bianconeri’s morale who were coming off the defeat suffered in Langnau. And a goal that was a huge confidence booster for this team that lately it’s been even too ugly to be true.

And just like during the early stages of the last third when, after a balanced second period (first better Lugano and then better the Lions), in a matter of 3 minutes and 21 seconds Sandro Zannger and Elia Riva extended the hosts’ lead to 3-goals, sealing basically the three points.

Right, because the Lions shyly reacted, but also when they had good scoring chances there was Sandro Zurkirchen who prevented them from believing in a comeback. Sandro was like a wall, a wall chipped only at 15 minutes to the end of the game when Simon Bodenmann scored the consolation goal for the visitors.

We mean, a “poor” Zürich and a good Lugano. The final score made sense. Then again, few more emotions wouldn’t hurt… even though the Bianconeri proved that they really want to come out of the current negative situation on their own.


Sandro Zurkirchen

The ZSC Lions underperformed for long stretches of the game. Yet, each time they tried to make it a brand new game… Sandro Zurkirchen said NO to them.



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