Great team spirit, great will, determination, will of emerge, ability to turn things around and… good physical condition. We think it’s safe to say that all these factors are the best to describe Genève Servette, one of the nicest surprises of this National League season.

The numbers confirm as well that all these factors are the best way to describe Patrick Emond’s troops. In fact, let’s have a look at the National League table of the second and third period of play.

Firstly, however, we must start by saying that the Eagles earn only 1.08 points on average during the first period of play. This make them one of the worse teams of the league. Only Ambrì-Piotta and Rapperswil (1.04 points) have a worse record during the first period of play.

National League table of the second and third period 

They say that well begun is half done. This doesn’t apply to Genève Servette though. The Eagles generally struggle during the first 20 minutes of play of the games. In fact, Patrick Emond’s troops went to the first break leading only 6 times out of 26 times this season. In other 10 occasions they went to the first break tied while in the remaining 10 occasions they went to the first break trailing.

If only Genève Servette games started at 20:30, when generally the second periods start… 🙂

If we take the results starting from the 20th minute of play into consideration in fact, Genève Servette are at the top of the National League table. It’s as simple as that!

The Eagles played 26 times the second period and 26 times the third period, which means a total of 52 periods. They won 20 of them, tied 21 and lost only 11. These are impressive figures.

On the eve of this season, not many people thought that Genève Servette could have a good season. It was thought that, considering the many changes and considering the young team, the 2019-20 season would be a transitional season.

Now, it’s true that there is still a long way to go and that anything can still happen. Patrick Emond’s guys are “only” 12 points clear of the 9th placed Lugano, after all. Yet, there is something that allows Servette to look to the future with optimism.

In fact, a good record during the second and third period of play is symptom of great team spirit, of will to never give up and – most and above all – of good physical condition.

If to all this we add the fact that the good results achieved during the first half of the season were a huge confidence booster, there is a reason to believe that the Eagles will be able to react even if at some point there is a negative period.

We mean, Genève Servette are doing great and are making their fans proud.

There is no denying that, at times, the goalies “stole” the games. There is also no denying that, at times, the Eagles earned more than what they would have deserved. But finally, there is also no denying that this Team – with a capital T – never ceases to amaze. And if it can improve the first period record, can do even better.

Otherwise, you could always try asking the National League for permission to start games at 20:30 😉

Good luck for the second part of the season!