Scottie Upshall is last on the list. It all started with Diego Kostner, who got injured after 14 minutes on the ice… without forgetting Benjamin Conz and Jiri Novotny, who couldn’t even start the season. Then, in the order, so many other players got injured. We mean, we think it’s safe to say that Lady Luck isn’t helping Ambrì-Piotta this season.

There is something, however, that bad luck can’t control. That is, the will to perform well, the determination, the energy that you put into the games, and the physical condition. Oftentimes they say, we also say it, that Ambrì-Piotta – who are currently at the bottom of the table – would deserve much more.

To say, the performances delivered by Luca Cereda’s troops are better than the current table position might suggest.

There is, however, a table that shows that the Biancoblù aren’t so bad. In our opinion, it’s a very significant table. Let’s have a look.

It’s the National League table that takes into consideration only the results starting from the second period of play. In other words, the table that considers, the results earned during the second and third period of play.

National League second and third period table

Well, if the games started after the first break… currently Ambrì-Piotta would be the third best team of the league tied on points with Bienne. Only Genève Servette and ZSC Lions would be better.

Now, it’s clear that – willy-nilly – ice hockey games last 60 minutes and are split in three periods of play. Yet, we think it’s safe to say that the above table is very significant.

Ambrì-Piotta are currently the worst team of the league together with Rapperswil during the first period of play (1.04 points on average). In fact, they went to the first break leading only 6 times out of 25. But then, things improve. This is symptom of great character, mental strength and good physical condition. All factors that a crucial, even more so in such a balanced league like the National League.

Luca Cereda loves to say very often that Ambrì-Piotta always need to work harder than the other teams in order to succeed. This is even more valid this season, during which also Lady Luck – see the countless injuries – decided to turn her back on them.

And in this regard, we think that the head coach can be very satisfied with his team. A team that, contrary to what the current table position might suggest, fights hard every night and is a very tough nut to crack. A team that is impressive when it comes to determination. A team that, when it comes to a good physical condition, is second to no one.

And a team that, provided that can improve their first period record, can still gift its fans with so many emotions.

This season started under a dark cloud and the results aren’t brilliant. But this season is nevertheless still long. And even if the Biancoblù can’t make the playoff, it’s wrong to say that it’s all bad.

Because what the club is building is a very important base for the future.

Because eventually you can even buy “talent”. But you can’t buy the right attitude, the sense of belonging and the goodwill… the latter three factors must be built with hard work.

A hard work that allows, regardless of the results, the fans to be proud of their team. A hard work that, among other things, allows to be effective as the games go on. As the above table proved.

Good luck for the second part of the season, Ambrì-Piotta!