For the Bertaggia family, Zug will never be a team just like any other. Father Sandro was born in Zug and played for Zug before moving to Fribourg for a season and finally transferring to Lugano where he started his love story with the Bianconeri that lasted until the end of his career. Son Alessio for his part, was born in Lugano where he played as a youth… then, however, after the adventure in the WHL with the Brandon Wheat Kings and the Spokane Chiefs he came back to Switzerland. He had played right for Zug for a season and a half before he returned “to the base” in Lugano.

And it’s right since the moment he came back to the shores of the Ceresio that we have the impression that Zug was Alessio’s favourite victim in terms of goals scored.

Then again, is it only an impression or is it a fact? Let’s find out immediately.

Alessio Bertaggia has tallied 120 points (53 goals) since when he came back to Lugano after the experience in Zug. And well, right against the Bulls he’s tallied the 18.3% of his points, but most and above all right against the Bulls he’s scored 22.6% of his goals!

In other words, Alessio Bertaggia scores basically one out of five goals against his former team and the former team of his father Sandro.

So, to answer the question of the title… as a fun fact we can say that “yes, Alessio Bertaggia has a problem with Zug” 🙂

Or rather, right against Zug oftentimes Alessio can turn his terrific job also into points. Because let’s face it, Alessio is not really a scoring machine and in our opinion, he’s got the potential to score more, just like he’s doing this season.

However, as always, points aren’t the only factor to be taken into consideration when it comes to judging the performances of a player. And so, we think it’s safe to say that Alessio Bertaggia is one of the most precious players of the National League!

He’s one of the few guys who will never be criticized by fans. That’s because he’s pure energy and he puts his heart and soul into each single shift. He fights hard and despite the fact, that he’s not a “giant” he can also play a physical and gritty game. He’s one of that kind of a player who is crucial for each team that wants to have success.

Moreover, he’s also technically skilled. The impression from the outside is that his relative lack of accuracy in front of goal is due mainly to the fact that he arrives in the offensive zone already tired. Because of all the efforts more than because of a lack of talent. We mean, we’re pretty sure that Alessio is a player that, other than precious, can also score 15-20 goals a season.

It’s a “figure” that he could comfortably reach if Lugano always play against Zug 🙂

As we say, anyway, points or no points, Alessio Bertaggia is one of the most valuable players around. A player that each coach would like to have on his team.