We talked already about the National League table per period of play and we talk about this again today, with the data updated to December 4th, 2019.

In each table, teams are ranked by points average.

Well begun is half done…

A good beginning almost assures success. Therefore, let’s see the National League 1st period table.

The ZSC Lions are by far the best National League team during the first period of play. In fact, Rikard Grönborg’s guys went to the first break trailing only 4 times in 25 games. It’s creal that, if it’s true that well begun is half done, oftentimes the Lions lay the foundation for their success already during the first 20 minutes of play.

Also Fribourg Gottéron and Lugano are very effective during the first part of the game. However, there is a point to make here… In fact, the Dragons are improving a lot. Since when Christian Dubé is their coach, they played 18 games and went to the first break trailing only 4 times. The Bianconeri for their part, always when it comes to the first period of play, did very well during the first 20 minutes of play especially earlier this season.

The teams that instead should approach the games better are, above all, Genève Servette, Ambrì-Piotta and Rapperswil.

The central periods are a watershed between success and failure…

It’s very important to perform well during the central period of play in order to build up confidence in view of the last third. Therefore, let’s see the National League central period table.

Well, it looks like the central period is the key for Davos and Genève Servette success. The Ibexes, but mostly the Eagles, increase a lot their level of play after the first break. And in both cases, we’re talking about teams with a low average age. Also Zug and Ambrì-Piotta are doing well after the first break.

We mean, it’s interesting to note that two among the worse teams of the first period – Genève Servette and Ambrì-Piotta – improve a lot after the first break. This is a symptom of character.

Rapperswil for their part struggle after during the central period. While Lugano and Fribourg Gottéron literally collapse after the break.

You win games in the last third…

“You win games in the last third” it’s not only a cliché. It’s the truth. Oftentimes in fact, it’s crucial to make the difference after the second break. Therefore, let’s see the National League third period table.

The league leaders ZSC Lions are the best National League team of the third period. We mean, it’s fair to say that Rikard Grönborg guys are able to make the difference when it really counts. They get off to good starts of the game and they also make the difference during the final stages. There are other teams, however, that deserve a mention.

Above all, Langnau. The Tigers blossom during the last third and this is important. They’re below the line during the first two periods but then improve a lot during the last period. But also Lausanne, Genève Servette and Rapperswil prove capable of making the difference as the games go on and so prove to have some real character other than a good physical condition.

The teams that need to improve during the last third, instead, are Fribourg Gottéron, Lugano and Bern.

When it comes to Lugano and Gottéron one may wonder how is the two teams physical condition, considering that both teams get off to good starts of the games and then collapse.

When it comes to Bern instead, we think that also “the mental” counts. The Bears in fact, lost way too many third periods of play.

We’ll be back talking about National League tables per period of play later this season. See you soon, guys 🙂