All our Swiss teams – Bienne, Lausanne and Zug – still have their chances to make it to the Champions Hockey League semifinals. Surely the Seeländers are the ones who made the biggest deal… let’s see what happened last night!


Bienne were able to earn a fantastic 3-2 road win against the title holders! Then again, let’s face it… the first part of the game was some sort of “Frölunda vs Jonas Hiller”, with the Seeländers goalie who delivered an outstanding performance. Then, however, Antti Törmänen’s troops increased their level of play as the game went on and took a 2-goals lead during the central period thanks to Jason Fuchs and Damien Brunner. During the early stages of the third period then, Marc-Antoine Pouliot extended Bienne’s lead to 3-goals… but during the last 10 minutes of play, Frölunda made it a brand new game by scoring two goals – with Nicklas Lasu and Joel Mustonen – that set the 2-3 final score. It will be a show next week at the Tissot Arena!


Lausanne and Lulea gifted the fans with a hard-fought hockey game at the end of which the Swedes earned a 2-1 win that was overall deserved. The first period was tight and the two teams went to the first break level on the score. Also the second period was balanced but the first goals of the night came. Robin Kovacs gave the lead to Lulea but shortly before the second break Josh Jooris scored the tying goal for the Lions Vaudois. The Swedes then, scored the game winning goal only 67 seconds into the last third again with Robin Kovacs.


Both goalies delivered a fantastic performance. Contrary to what the final score might suggest in fact, Mountfield and Zug gifted the fans with an eventful game full of scoring chances. The Bulls took the lead thanks to Dario Simion after only 4 minutes and 48 seconds of play… but then, the hosts’ perseverance paid off during the early stages of the last third, when Tomas Vincour scored the tying goal for Mountfield.

To note that in the last quarterfinal game of the night, Djurgarden earned a comfortable 5-1 win against Red Bull Münich.