Stéphan Charlin will never forget the night of November 29th, 2019. Almost 3 months after his 18th birthday in fact, he made his National League debut. And what a debut!

Considering the fact, that Gauthier Descloux got injured, Stéphane Charlin travelled with the first team of Genève Servette to Zürich as the back-up of Robert Mayer. The game played at the Hallenstadion against the ZSC Lions was hard fought… and after 33 minutes and 59 seconds of play, when the score was 1-1, Robert Mayer was assessed a game misconduct penalty.

It came therefore, out of the blue, the moment of the debut for Stéphane Charlin.

And then? And then, during the remaining 26 minutes and 1 second of play, Stéphane delivered a top-notch performance. He made 23 saves, he earned a shutout and played a key role in Genève Servette’s fantastic road win against the league leaders Zürich.

What a magic night!

The next day then, with Robert Mayer disqualified and Gauthier Descloux always injured, Stéphane Charlin collected his second NL appearance, the first one as the number one goalie. Genève Servette hosted Bern at les Vernets and suffered a 2-1 defeat… but Stéphane delivered a second consecutive excellent performance, saving 93% of the Bears’ shots.

What a second great night for him, ruined only by the Eagles’ defeat despite the overall good performance.

We mean, what about that for a story for the Eagle Stéphane Charlin. Who is, by the way, a real Eagle. Considering that his youth team is right the club based in Geneva. Patrick Emond knew him well, as he was his coach at the U20 level.

And as we could all see, moreover, Patrick Emond is a coach who doesn’t hesitate when it comes to giving young guys a chance. “His” Genève Servette in fact, is a team with a very low average age.

But let’s get back to Stéphane Charlin.

He’s quite tall (190cm) but he turned out to be agile. Our first impression is that he looked very calm on ice for a guy his age, and that he didn’t hesitate to take responsibilities. Moreover, considering the context, it seemed clear that this guy is mentally strong. All these factors bode well for the future.

We mean, ice hockey can always gift fans with nice stories. One of them, the most recent one, is the one of Stéphane Charlin. Who, out of the blue, on November 29th, 2019 made his dreams come true.

Genève Servette could already count on two excellent goalies like Robert Mayer and Gauthier Descloux, who’ve been oftentimes at the top of their game so far this season. And now, Patrick Emond knows that – if necessary – he can count also on a third goalie capable of making the difference.

A third goalie that, considering the good start, it’s likely, will have a very good career.

All the best, Stéphane!