It’s Monday, and just like every Monday it’s time to talk about the Ticino Rockets!

Let’s see immediately what happened during the only game played last week.


HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs EHC Visp 6-2

The Ticino Rockets delivered a great performance and earned a 6-2 win against Visp, which was the first home win against the Sédunois after January 15th, 2017! The Rockets took a 3-goals lead thanks to Max Gerlach, Lee Roberts and Karim Del Ponte in a matter of 24 minutes and 10 seconds. Then, Visp scored their first goal of the night with Jan Petrig, but the Ticinesi restored their 3-goals lead with Max Gerlach already before the second break. During the third period instead, Tim Lutz put the hosts 5-1 ahead, Tomas Dolana scored the second goal for the visitors, and finally Marc Camichel set the 6-2 final score in the favor of Reinhard and Reuille’s troops.

HC Thurgau vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets 2-0

Thurgau vs Ticino Rockets was a hard fought game. The first goal of the night came only during the third period and more precisely it came in the 48th minute of play, when Melvin Merola gave the lead to the hosts. The Rockets then went close to score the tying goal but during the final stages it was Melvin Merola again who set the 2-0 final score for Thurgau.

HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs EHC Olten 1-4

Olten earned a 4-1 road win in Biasca. The visitors got off to a good start of the game but scored their first goal of the night only shortly before the first break with Anthony Roullier. In the 26th minute of play then, Dion Knelsen extended Olten’s lead but about 10 minutes later Loic Vedova made it a brand new game. It didn’t last long though, as Dion Knelsen again restored the visitors’ 2-goals lead already before the second break. The Rockets then tried their hardest during the final third, but at 5 minutes to the end Garry Nunn set the 1-4 final score.


So close, and yet so far.

There is no denying that the Ticino Rockets suffer way too many defeats. However, there is a data that – in our opinion – is very interesting to talk about. A data that shows how, despite everything, Reinhard and Reuille’s troops aren’t that far from their opponents.

Regardless of the performances in fact, the Rockets are quite often close to their opponents. This data speaks for itself ( .

Leading% + Tied%

leading% tied% tot%
Kloten 45.4 35.5 80.9
Olten 48.1 32.7 80.8
Turgovia 36.1 42.7 78.8
Ajoie 49.2 29.5 78.7
Langenthal 50.6 27.2 77.8
Visp 45.5 22.4 67.9
La Chaux-de-Fonds 28.2 33.2 61.4
GCK Lions 27 28.5 55.5
Sierre 24.1 31.0 55.1
Rockets 23.7 30.5 54.2
EVZ Academy 20.8 27.3 48.1
Winterthur 17.2 27.4 44.6


This table shows, in percentage, how long in percentage the Ticino Rockets are leading and tied. In other words, the Rockets spend 54.2% of the games leading or tied.

To say, EVZ Academy and Winterthur are doing worse. The figure of Reinhard and Reuille’s troops is close to the one of teams like Sierre and GCK Lions.

It’s a very interesting data in our opinion. Because on the one hand the results suggest that the Rockets are the worst team of the league by far… this data instead, suggest that oftentimes the Ticinesi are close to their opponents.

What’s apparentely missing is the ability to make the difference when games are tight. But this ability comes only with experience and the Rockets don’t have so much experience. Moreover, the fact that many players change every week doesn’t help the coaches in their work.

The fact remains that, considering also that the roster of the Rockets isn’t the most talented of the league, the Ticinesi aren’t that far from earning better results. So close, and yet so far. Then again, the Ticino Rockets – despite all the difficulties which are even more than the ones of the opponents – are not as “weak” as the table might suggest.

And so… Go Rockets, Go!


Tuesday 02.12.2019 – EVZ Academy vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets

Third game of the season between EVZ Academy and Ticino Rockets. During the first two head to head of the season the home advantage turned out to be… a disadvantage, as both teams won one game and both won their road game. The Young Bulls, who are coming off two consecutive wins, are currently 10th placed 7 points ahead of the Ticinesi and with 2 games in hand.


Life is hard for the Rockets when they face the EVZ Academy. The road win earned this season in fact, was the only one earned in the last 7 head to head.

Saturday 07.12.2019 –HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs HC La Chaux-de-Fonds

Rockets and La Chaux-de-Fonds face each other for the third time this season. Both teams won one game and in both cases we’re talking about a home win. La Chaux-de-Fonds are currently 7th placed and won only 1 of their last 5 games played. Away from home, instead, they won 3 of their last 5.


The Ticino Rockets won only 1 game out of 14 against La Chaux-de-Fonds in history. Nevertheless, when the two teams played in Biasca the games turned out to be very tight. The Ticino Rockets won the previous head to head of the season in Biasca for instance. Also previously though, La Chaux-de-Fonds never earned a win with more than a 2-goals margin.

Have a great week, Rockets, keep it up and… GOROCKETSGO!