While surfing on the fantastic website and its stats, we found a data that impressed us. And so, let’s talk about Lausanne again today.

As we all know, Lausanne have one of the worst power-play-efficiency of the league (18.67%). Only Fribourg Gottéron (15.71%) and Langnau (14.93%) have a lower efficiency.

However, there is a strange data, to say the least.

The Lions Vaudois in fact, have the worst power-play of the league at home (8.33%), but at the same time they have the best power-play of the league away from home (28.21%)!

Let’s face it, Ville Peltonen’s troops aren’t at the top of their game yet. Most of the times, they’re rock solid when it comes to defensive play, but they’re not enough effective when it comes to playing in the offensive zone. And this, is also reflected in their power-play efficiency that should – also considering the talent of the roster – improve a lot.

Then again, how come that Lausanne have the worst power-play at home and the absolute best on the road?

Maybe, simply, you just can’t explain that. We don’t think in fact, that Ville Peltonen’s guys are suffering from the pressure of playing in front of their fantastic fans. Or maybe, do they?

There is another factor that comes to our mind, though. Lausanne in fact, play in their brand new and beautiful Vaudoise Arena for the first season. Perhaps, simply, the players are still getting used to it.

We think that, in principle, the greatest advantage of playing home games – other than having the support of the supporters – is to have clear reference points. Be it the light of the arena, be it the ice, be it the position of some “object” that makes you understand exactly where you are and where you want to go, be it the position of the fans, and so on…

Call it bulls… nonsense, yet we think that such things are important.

And so, is it the reason why Lausanne have the worst power-play of the league when they play at home? Is it the reason why Lausanne, despite the incredible potential, have currently only the 7th home record of the National League?

Time will tell. Maybe instead, all this is purely accidental… even though, just for your information, Lausanne scored their “only” 3 power-play goals at home during the last 4 games played at the Vaudoise Arena 🙂