This is clearly an article to be taken with a grain of salt and is not based on any kind of scientific data. However, we sort of have the impression that Zug are much more solid when Luca Hollenstein is lined up as the number one goalie, when it comes to defensive play.

Let’s see if the numbers confirm our feeling. After that, we’ll try to make our own views.

Goals against on average

Leonardo Genoni conceded 3.1 goals on average per game while Luca Hollenstein only 1.5. Let’s have a look at the two goalies’ saving percentages.

Scoring percentage

Luca Hollenstein’s saving percentage is impressive, in fact only Joni Ortio of the ZSC Lions (94.8%) is doing better. Then again, these data are to be taken with a grain of salt, even if only because Luca Hollenstein collected a total of 5 appearances while Joni Ortio collected 4 of them.

The fact remains that Leonardo Genoni’s saving percentage is very low. In fact, only Noël Bader, Ludovic Waeber, Damiano Ciaccio and Stefan Müller have lower saving percentages. The latter four goalies, however, are back up goalies.

Now, let’s see if the numbers confirm our impression. That is, Zug are more solid when Luca Hollenstein is between the pipes.

Shots against per 60 minutes

Nope, the figures don’t help us. In fact, Zug even face – slightly – more shots when Luca Hollenstein is between the pipes. However, …

However, we always have the impression that the Bulls are playing more solid hockey when Luca Hollenstein is the goalie.

But why?

This is the classic case when statistics don’t tell the whole truth but are to be interpreted after watching the games of the teams.

In our opinion, from the outside, the factor could even be totally subconscious.

We mean, Leonardo Genoni is the best goalie around and the one who won more titles in the history of Swiss hockey. Maybe – and again, maybe – when he’s between the pipes the players tend, even if only subconsciously, to be more distracted. Why? Perhaps because they can think that, even if they make a mistake there is the best goalie around to save them.

Meanwhile, when the young talent Luca Hollenstein is between the pipes, the players – always even if only subconsciously – are inclined to protect him more.

This is only a hypothesis that we wanted to share with you. Three things are sure though.

The first one: Zug have room for improvement. The Bulls proved to have an impressive offensive talent but should become more solid.

The second one: Luca Hollenstein is an impressive young talent, a goalie that is likely to have a brilliant career at the highest levels.

The third one: Leonardo Genoni’s value is unquestionable. He’s currently injured but he’ll be back as strong as always. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he lifts the umpteenth trophy of his career at the end of this season and if he plays a key role for that!

We mean, all the best to you Zug, Leonardo and Luca!