C. S. Lewis said that “when things go wrong, you’ll find out, they usually go on getting worse”. We’ll tell you the rest of the quote at the end of this article.

Today we want to talk about Bern again, and about their Kafkaesque situation.

Last week, Kari Jalonen’s troops earned a 2-1 home win against the ZSC Lions. That was a huge win saw as a liberation. A win that could be considered the turning point of the season.

Mid-week then, Bern travelled to Sweden to play the second leg of the Champions Hockey League Round of 16 against Lulea. The game was some sort of mission impossible, because the Bears lost 3-0 the first leg. And in fact, the Swiss were eliminated and even suffered a second defeat (4-2 the final score). The performance, however, wasn’t that bad. Kari Jalonen’s guys fought hard and proved to be very much alive.

We mean, there was more and more the conviction that the turning point of the season was just around the corner.

The litmus test was scheduled for Friday night, when the Bears hosted Lausanne at the PostFinance Arena and… and delivered a very good performance! Overall, we think it’s safe to say that Bern were good enough to win the game. And yet they lost the game because of the goal scored by the Lions Vaudois at 77 seconds to the end that set the 3-2 final score.

We mean, when things go wrong… you find that they usually go on getting worse and even Lady Luck turns her back on you.

The following night – Saturday – the derby of the Zähringen was scheduled in Fribourg. Everything got off to a good start, Bern immediately had the glorious chance to play power-play for two minutes. Then, however, after that they had wasted the chance… here is what happened.

An almost absurd goal scored by Killian Mottet that gave the lead to the Dragons. What a huge blow, what a horrible start of a game then lost 5-1 against the “cousins” that delivered an excellent performance.

And then again, back to what C. S. Lewis said, when things go wrong you find they usually go on getting worse. When you think the turning point came, here is when also Lady Luck slaps you in the face.

We mean, you can’t say that “luck” is the main reason why the Bears are having a poor season. We mean, they put themselves in this situation, after all. The performances, both individual and as a team, have been oftentimes very poor, so far this season. Injuries, moreover, didn’t help and the departures of Gaëtan Haas and Leonardo Genoni were hard to digest.

However, guys, also the episodes that turn against them are making the situation unbearable.

Then of course, Bern have the potential to win the title again. And we repeat that, in our opinion, if Kari Jalonen’s guys can turn the frustration of this negative period into determination for the future… they can still go a very – but very – long way.

C. S. Lewis said that when things go wrong, you’ll find out they usually go on getting worse for some time… but then, when things once start going right, they often go on getting better and better!

The important thing is to try your hardest to make things right again. Nothing’s for free, and it’s time that goalies go back being solid, that players deliver more solid performances, that key players go back taking responsibility, and that everybody – one way or another – comes back being calmer. And, most and above all, that everybody comes back bringing more emotions in the games.

And then we’re pretty sure that, after that, also Lady Luck will lend the Bears a hand. After all, also this one is a quote, don’t forget that fortune favours the brave.

Be brave, dear Bears. Good luck!