EV Zug vs HC Davos 4-5 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!




Davos never cease to amaze, they earned a 5-4 road win against Zug at the end of an emotional game and therefore extended their winning run to 7-games!

The Ibexes got off to a great start of the game and took the lead with Lukas Stoop after only 110 seconds of play. After that, the first period was overall balanced and the Bulls were able to score the tying goal with Jan Kovar at 30 seconds to the first break. A goal, the latter, that could change the momentum of the game.

And instead, after the break, it took even less time to Davos to restore their lead – 75 seconds – with Luca Hischier. And then, the visitors were the better side during the second third. One second before the second break, however, Zug found the way to tie the game with Gregory Hofmann, and the former Lugano’s goal seemed to be the real wake up call for the hosts.

Once again though, Christian Wohlwend’s guys proved to have some great mental strength. They came back on fire after the second break and restored their lead for the third time of the night with Marc Wieser 34 seconds into the last third… this time, however, the hosts almost immediately scored the tying goal with Gregory Hofmann during a power-play situation!

Was that finally the wake up call for Zug? Not really, because in a matter of seconds the Ibexes went ahead in the score for the fourth time of the night thanks to Aaron Palushaj… and after that, it was against Aaron Palushaj to score the decisive goal for the visitors at 8 minutes to the end.!

Decisive, right. Because the Bulls almost immediately scored their foruth goal of the night with Gregory Hofmann (hat-trick). But then Davos handled the situation very well until the end and therefore earned 3 very well deserved points!


Aaron Palushaj

Aaron Palushaj scored the two crucial goals, the two that earned the win for Davos. Deservedly so!



INTERVIEW – Marc Wieser