If you haven’t seen the Rockets live yet, this Sunday is your chance!

Let’s face it, nothing is due us. Let alone in sport and therefore in ice hockey. Not even a free access to a game is due, but those initiatives are certainly welcome and secure the fans loyalty. Or rather, they create new fans.

It’s therefore a pleasure to inform you that this Sunday, November 17th, 2019, the Ticino Rockets in collaboration with their main sponsor Banca Raiffeisen will offer you a free entrance as part of the “Family Day” initiative!

We were all kids one day. And we surely all remember our attendance at the first hockey game. That game that probably was just the beginning of the love for one team, the favorite one, the one you will always be loyal to. And then who knows, maybe this Sunday can be a good occasion to make new Ticino Rockets fans born!

The “Family Day” was designed to assure a fantastic afternoon for all the families. Other than the free access to the game in fact, Banca Raiffeisen and Ticino Rockets organized a series of events. For example, there will be the opportunity to meet with the players of Hockey Club Lugano and Hockey Club Ambrì-Piotta for an autograph or a picture. Moreover, everyone will receive a gadget as a gift and there will be also a game show dedicated to ice hockey.

The puck drop of the game instead will be at 4pm and the Ticino Rockets will host Langenthal.

It will be a tough game for the Rockets. Langenthal got off to a difficult start of the season but lately they’ve been improving. To date, they won 7 of their last 7 games and even though they can’t be promoted this season, they remain one of the best teams of the Swiss League.

Moreover, the Rockets’ hope is to break a taboo. The Ticino Rockets in fact, never won a game against Langenthal in their history. 13 games, 13 defeats, including the one suffered at the Shoren last October 6th when Langenthal won 3-1.

We mean, the “Family Day” would be the best possible time to break this taboo.

It will be a moment for family aggregation, for people who perhaps for the first time in their life will attend a game of the Ticino Rockets, a team that maybe doesn’t earn many victories but always earn the respect because of its attitude. And a team that has been doing a terrific job.

Not every result shows up on the scoreboard. The truth is that the Ticino Rockets main target is to prepare players for the National League. And over the years, we had so many examples of players who played in Biasca and then immediately had an impact in the National League. That’s because, obviously. the job is well done.

This season, however, it’s even more complicated, even if only because the Rockets can’t take their Swiss League place for granted. And then, this team needs all your support. Come on guys, come on families, go and support the Rockets, play the role of the 6th man on ice!