It’s time for the Champions Hockey League Round of 16. It’s time for four of our Swiss teams to keep the Swiss flag high in Europe. Last night, Lausanne, Zug, Bienne and Bern played… and let’s face it, only Bern seem to be with one foo out of the competition.

Therefore, let’s start right with Bern with our short recaps. The Bears hosted the Swedes of Lulea Hockey.


Only 4’019 fans (!) attended the game played last night at the PostFinance Arena. A game that saw Lulea earning a 3-0 win thanks to the goals scored by Nils Lundkvist, Robin Kovacs e Isac Brännström during the first 7 minutes and 48 seconds of play of the central period. Three goals that came shortly after that Bern went so darn close to score the first goal of the night with Tristan Scherwey.

We mean, it will be very difficult for Kari Jalonen’s troops to make it to the next round.

To note that the former Lugano and Zug Daniel Sondell and the former Bienne Niklas Olausson were in the Lulea’s line-up. No points for them.


Lausanne for their part did their work well as they earned a 2-1 win against Plzen on the road. After a goalless first period, the Lions Vaudois had several good scoring chances to take the lead during the second third… yet, the first goal of the night was scored by the hosts thanks to Jakub Pour in the 34th minute of play. Lausanne, however, reacted immediately and scored the tying goal with Joël Vermin already before the second break. And finally, during the latest stages of the game, Joël Genazzi scored the very important game winning goal!


All to play for next week at the Bossard Arena between Tappara Tampere and Zug. 3-3 the final score. The Bulls got off to a brillant start of the game and took a 2-goals lead thanks to Dario Simion and Santeri Alatalo in a matter of 6 minutes and 4 seconds. The hosts, however, drastically increased their level of play during the central period and turned the score around with Valtteri Kemiläinen, Jere Karjalainen and Olavi Vauhkonen. During the early stages of the final third though, Gregory Hofmann scored the very important tying goal for Zug and the score didn’t change until the end.

To note that the former Fribourg Gottéron Charles Bertrand was in the Tappara Tampere’s line-up. The former Dragons had 1 assist.


All to play next week also between Augsburger Panther and Bienne. 2-2 the final score. The Germans got off to a great start and took the lead thanks to Jaroslav Hafenrichter after only 28 seconds of play. Moreover, only 55 into the second period, Matthew Fraser extended the hosts lead to 2-goals. It looked like a very bad night for the Seeländers. Antti Törmänen’s troops, however, have infinite resources… we all know that. And so, during the third period, Stefan Ulmer and Toni Rajala scored the two goals that set the 2-2 final score!

We mean, overall it was a good night for our teams. It will be difficult for Bern to make it through the next round, but all the other three teams still have their chances.

Good luck!