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It’s Monday, and just like every Monday it’s time to talk about the Ticino Rockets!

Last week no one played in the Swiss League. Therefore, we think that this break is the perfect moment to cumb through some statistics. In this edition of the Rockets’ Monday we focus mainly on stats!



This table shows how the Ticino Rockets darn needed an import player to reinforce themselves. Suffice it to say that last season, at the end of the regular season, Dario Rohrbach and Timo Haussener were the two Top Scorers of the team with 15 points. Max Gerlach instad, who is turning out to be a very good player, already scored almost the same number of points after 16 games!

Anyway, this season there are several players who improved a lot in terms of scoring. Let’s take Jason Fritsche for example, who scored 11 points in 17 games, just as much as he did score last year at the end of the regular season. What about Aronne Pagnamenta then? The 22 years old defenseman already set his record of Swiss League points after only 16 appearances.

Let’s see now some team stats.


The Ticino Rockets scored 2.56 goals on average per game, that’s not bad. It’s true that their scoring record is among the worse of the Swiss League, but when we talk about the Rockets the data must be compared also the the ones of the previous few seasons. And then, we find out that the Rockets had scored 1.36 goals on average per game last season, 1.47 on average per game the previous season and 2.64 goals on average per game during their first ever Swiss League season.

We mean, the figures of this season are similar to the ones of the first season when Luca Cereda was the coach. A season, the 2016-17 one, during which we can’t forget that the Ticino Rockets could count on players such as Roman Hrabec, Christian Stucki, Patrick Incir, Giacomo Dal Pian, Noele Trisconi, Matteo Romanenghi, Christian Pinana and Elia Riva. Almost all of these players are currently having a good National League career.

When it comes to goals conceded instead, the Rockets have the second worst defensive record of the league. This data must improve.


The Ticino Rockets shot more than Langenthal, Visp, La Chaux-de-Fonds and EVZ Academy. Meanwhile, they have to face way too many shots. In fact, only the EVZ Academy have to face more shots than the Rockets.

These figures show that, in terms of shots, the Rockets are rather outplayed.

However, it’s interesting to focus on the number of shots against. This season the Rockets face on average 34.1 shots per game and this is the lowest figure in their history! Last season in fact, they had to face 39.4 shots on average per game, the previous season 35.3 on average per game while the first season under Luca Cereda they had to face 35.0 shots on average per game.

We mean, these are steps forward.


The scoring percentage is very good. This season in fact, they have the highest scoring percentage of their history! Last season, the scoring percentage was 4.9%, the previous season was 5.3% while under Luca Cereda the scoring percentage was 7.4%. Again, huge steps forwards!

The saving percentage on the other hand is quite low and it would be important to take it above the 90%.


Also these figures are great compared to the past.

In fact, this season the Ticino Rockets have the highest ever power-play efficiency of their history! Much better compared to last season (9.6%!), the previous season (7.7%!) and also better than the first year with Luca Cereda as a coach (15.1%).

Moreover, the Rockets are also better penalty killers compared to the past. This season, the Rockets have a 76.9% efficiency when it comes to kill penalties, much better than last season (73.3%) and much better than the previous season (72.2%). Only with Luca Cereda (78.4%), the Rockets were better penalty killers.

We mean, all these stats show that the Ticino Rockets must improve. But they also show that they’re doing a good job and that stats are improving. There is, anyway, something that’s never missing. That is, the goodwill. When it comes to goodwill, the Rockets are second to no one!


Tuesday 12.11.2019 – HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs EHC Kloten

Rockets and Kloten face each other for the second time this season. The Airmen won 3-2 (SO) the first head to head played in Kloten last October 1st. Kloten are getting better and better, they lost the last game before the break but before they won 8 consecutive games.


It will be the 6th head to head in history between Rockets and Kloten. So far, the Airmen always won.

Friday 15.11.2019 – GCK Lions vs HC Biasca Ticino Rockets

The GCK Lions are currently 8th placed with 19 points in 18 games. Yet, they’re coming off five consecutive defeats. This will be the second head to head of the season, the ZSC Lions’ farm-team won the first one 5-4 in Biasca thanks to an unbelievable comeback.


The Rockets lost all the last 5 games played against the GCK Lions. The Ticinesi last win dates back to September 22nd, 2018, when they earned a 4-2 away win thanks to the goals scored by Giona Bionda, Dominic Buchli, Jason Fritsche and Clarence Kparghai.

Saturday 17.11.2019 – HC Biasca Ticino Rockets vs SC Langenthal

Rockets and Langenthal face each other for the second time this season, the Rockets lost the first head to head 3-1 at the Shoren. Langenthal are having a decent season and they’re improving, as it is evidenced by the fact that they won 7 of their last 10 games.


The Ticino Rockets never won in history against Langenthal after 13 head to head. Only three times the Rockets were able to earn 1 point, and as a fun fact all the three times it happened at the Shoren!

Have a great week, Rockets, keep it up and… GOROCKETSGO!