The Deutschland Cup is always an interesting tournament. It’s the first occasion to see our National Team at work. And to make the story short, Switzerland won the 2019 edition, earning therefore the trophy for the first time after 2007!

That wasn’t, however, the only fact that made this tournament a positive one. In fact, Switzerland played three great games against Slovakia, Germany and Russia.

Our guys won two games, the first one 5-2 against Slovakia and the second one at the last gasp 4-3 after overtime against Germany. Then, they suffered a 4-3 shootout defeats against the strong Russians. But the results achieved, were enough for Patrick Fischer’s troops to win this tournament again after 4’382 days!

BACK IN 2007…

If we look back at the 2007 edition… The Swiss firstly won 5-0 against Denmark thanks to the goals scored by Bärtschi, Fischer (!), Sutter, Ambühl and Sprunger. Then, they won 2-1 against Japan thanks to Sprunger and Reichert. Same final score also in the following game against Slovakia, defeated 2-1 thanks to the goals scored by Ambühl and Deruns. Finally, they won also the final against the United States 3-2 after shootout. During the 60 minutes of play, Blatter and Gerber scored the two goals for our guys.

But let’s go back to the 2019 edition, and let’s find out why the tournament was a positive one beyond the final win.

2019 – A young and convincing Switzerland!

We’re in November, the ideal time to experiment things. Coach Patrick Fischer jumped at the chance and selected many young players. The latter were all able to make the coach’s life difficult for future selections. We mean, the moment the coach has to choose the representants of our National Team at the 2020 Worlds, he will be forced to remember about the good performances of all the new guys.

Several players even played their first few games with the National Team, and immediately made it clear that they care about being part of the squad.

Overall, however, we think that the best thing we saw during the 2019 Deutschland Cup was the team spirit that the players put on display. By now, even friendlies are taken seriously and everybody – but everybody! – proved that they want to be part of the team and give the 200% in order to get into this business.

We saw that in all the three games played.


Firstly, the Swiss made the difference during the central period against Slovakia. The two teams went to the first break level on the score (0-0) but then Jason Fuchs, Alessio Bertaggia and Tayler Moy gave the Swiss a 3-goals lead before the second break. At 5 minutes to the end of the game though, Slovakia made it a brand new game with Filip Krivosik and Andrej Kudrna. Yet, it took only few moments to Patrick Ficher’s troops to set the 5-2 final score. All thanks to the goals scored by Raphael Prassl and Pius Suter.


Against the German then, the game was very intense. The hosts almost immediately took the lead with Fredrik Tiffels, but Switzerland tried their hardest to get back in the game and scored the tying goal with Noah Rod shortly after the half-an-hour mark. The third period then was very emotional. Firstly Pius Suter gave the lead to our Swiss, then Daniel Pietta and Daniel Fischbuch restored the Germans lead, but finally Luca Fazzini scored the tying goal. During the overtime then, only 1 second before the shootout, Pius Suter earned us a great last gasp win!


Finally, against the strong Russian, Switzerland suffered their first and only defeat of the tournament. Nevertheless,  Patrick Fischer boys delivered a very good performance and struggled only partially during the central period. During the final stages of the first third, Vladimir Bryukvin gave the lead to Russia. Shortly after the break, however, Simon Le Coultre scored the tying goal for Switzerland but then the Russian were the better side and deservedly restored their lead with Danill Ilyin. Anyway, Patrick Ficher’s boys found once again the way to make their fans proud during the final third, and turned the score around with Tyler Moy and Alessio Bertaggia! Finally though, Ivan Igumnov scored the tying goal for Russia and then Oleg Bratash’s troops earned the extra point at the end of the shootout series.


Player G A PTS
Pius Suter 3 3 6
Tyler Moy 2 2 4
Jason Fuchs 1 2 3
Noah Rod 1 2 3
Dominik Egli 3 3


When it comes to points scored, Pius Suter was the star of the team! The forward of the ZSC Lions in fact, tallied 6 points in 3 games. And, in other words, he confirmed once again to be completely reborn compared to last season.

Also Tyler Moy’s figures are interesting. The forward of Lausanne played his first ever games with the National Team and tallied 4 points. He’s a very valid player with room for improvment.

To note, finally, Dominik Egli’s figures. The defenseman of Rapperswil is the real sensation of this 2019-20 National League season, and also in the National Team he continued to be a scoring machine!


We’re not saying that everything was perfect. Switzerland in fact, lacked consistency over-the-arc of the 60 minutes of play, basically in all the three games played. But it must also be said that the opponents, in particular Germany and Russia, were tough nuts to crack.

Patrick Fischer’s guys, however, found once again the way to make all of us proud!

In our opinion, they handled very well the game against Slovakia if we exclude those 30 seconds at 5 minutes to the end of the game that could cost the win. Against Germany then, we saw Switzerland fighting hard. The guys put an impressive team spirit on display, they were able to play physical and finally earned the win thanks to a goal scored at the last gasp. Finally, against Russia – a very strong team – the Swiss were able to deliver a very good performance. Obviously, at times the Russian were better because of their talent, but overall we think that Switzerland earned a very-well deserved point.

A point that allowed the guys to win the Deutschland Cup for the first time after 2007!

It’s always good to win a trophy, even if only because it helps to build a winning mindset. And so, the way Switzerland played this first tournament of the season bodes well for the future. And for the next Worlds, that will be hosted right by Switzerland!

Keep it up guys, great job!