EHC Biel-Bienne vs HC Ambrì-Piotta 2-3 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!




Ambrì-Piotta earned a 3-2 win against Bienne on the road and therefore came back to earn 3 points at the Tissot Arena for the first time after 1’432 days!

The Leventinesi, even though they have to deal with countless injuries, delivered a top notch performance in Bienne that followed the equally great performance delivered a couple of days ago against Lugano. Most and above all, they brought in an impressive energy for 60 minutes of play. And, compared to Bienne, they wanted this win more. The latter factor made the difference.

You can’t say that Bienne totally underperformed. The Seeländers in fact, had their chances… just like shortly before the first break, when Peter Schneider scored the first goal of the night. A goal that could have been a huge blow for the visitors.

But Ambrì-Piotta, as we said, wanted this win at all cost… they reacted and, by shortly after the half-an-hour mark, they turned the score around with Dominic Zwerger and Tommaso Goi!

The Seeländers at that point reacted and in a matter of few minutes scored the tying goal with Toni Rajala. That was another goal that could have been a huge blow for the morale of the visitors. But again, as we said already two times, Luca Cereda’s guys really wanted this win at all cost. And so, once again, they fought hard and were rewarded for that during the early stages of the third period of play, when Marco Müller scored the power-play goal that, in the end, turned out to be the crucial game winning goal.

Crucial and well-deserved. Without forgetting that, during the latest stages of the game, Ambrì-Piotta could even score more. But finally, the Biancoblù can be happy like that.


Dominik Hrachovina

It could have been his last game with Ambrì-Piotta… one thing is sure, if he leaves the club, he will do it in style. His performance was top notch, the Leventinesi delivered a very solid performance but Dominik was able nevertheless to make the right saves at the right time.



INTERVIEW – Kevin Fey, Chris Egli