SC Bern vs HC Fribourg Gottéron 1-2 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!




Fribourg Gottéron earned a well-deserved 2-1 win against Bern on the road and therefore leave the very uncomfortable last place on the table!

Let’s face it, we’ve rarely seen Bern making so many mistakes… some of them forced while some of the totally unforced. It’s true that, oftentimes, the Bears’ style of play doesn’t look very emotional… but this season, Kari Jalonen’s boys look very downhearted. Moreover, each time it looks like they’re about to kick start their season for real, they inevitably slip right back.

Having said that, Fribourg Gottéron deserve a big round of applause. The Dragons looked up against the wall only a week ago. Yet, thanks to the determination, the goodwill and also the quality of the roster, were able to bounce back and now can look to the future with more optimism.

The performance delivered by the troops coached by Chrstian Dubé (and Rosa, and Simpson…) was top notch especially during the first two periods of play. Gottéron were rock solid and capable of making the difference at the key moments in the offensive zone. Not for nothing, Ryan Gunderson scored the first goal of the night after 5 minutes and 35 seconds of play while Matthias Rossi extended their lead 4 minutes and 54 seconds into the second period. Deservedly so.

Then, however, during the final stages of the central period Bern enjoyed the benefit of a incredible gift from Reto Berra to make it a brand new game with Andrew Ebbett. We all know that a goal scored during the latest stages of the second third can represent a turning point in a game… and so it was also in this case, because during the third period the Bears finally increased their level of play. Fribourg, however, frankly speaking rarely panicked. And thanks to the fact that they were rock solid – Philippe Furrer played a fantastic game in our opinion – and also thanks to Reto Berra – who redeemed himself after the mistake – they didn’t concede any goal and could finally travel back home with 3 crucial, and very well-deserved, three points in the pocket!


Reto Berra

It’s true that his mistake could cost a lot… yet, a game lasts 60 minutes. And it’s safe to say that Reto Berra was outstanding during 59 minutes and 59 seconds of play!



INTERVIEW – Benjamin Chavaillaz