HC Lugano vs HC Ambrì-Piotta 3-4 (SO) – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!




If the hockey gods really exist… last night they visited the Cornèr Arena at about 10:15PM, when Ambrì-Piotta during the shootout series were rewarded for their huge efforts done throughout the whole game and earned the extra point. 4-3 after shootout the final score!

But first things first…

The derby between Lugano and Ambrì-Piotta of last night was, in our opinion, one of the most exciting of the last few years. Not in terms of class plays… but rather in terms of intensity and emotions.

Luca Cereda’s troops put an out of the ordinary determination on display together with a fantastic physical condition. These factors allowed them to deliver a top notch performance when it comes to energy and goodwill. The Leventinesi weren’t perfect, of course, but overall proved much more hungry and capable of forcing the hosts to make mistakes. Moreover, compared to the recent past, they were able to put some pucks in the net too. Just like after 11 minutes and 14 seconds of play, when Brian Flynn scored the first goal of the night. And just like between the 26th and the 36th minute of play, when Tommaso Goi and Marco Müller extended the visitors lead to 3-goals!

What about Lugano instead? It’s safe to say that the Bianconeri, even though they haven’t really underperformed, weren’t at the top of their game. Also because, it must be said, Ambrì-Piotta prevented them from being at the top of their game. Yet, they proved to have some real characted just like so many other times in the past. And so, shortly after the goal scored by Marco Müller, they shortened distances with Dario Bürgler.

As we all know, a goal scored during the latest stages of the second period oftentimes can be a game changer. And so it was also this time. We can’t say that the Bianconeri were on fire during the third period… suffice it to look at the 6 power-play minutes played without being able to become really dangerous. But it’s safe to say that they never gave up. And so, firstly they scored their second goal of the night with Timo Haussener 5 minutes and 15 seconds of play into the third period… and then, most and above all, they scored the tying goal with Elia Riva at 36 seconds to the end!

At that point, the momentum could have been totally on the hosts favour… but after an exciting overtime period, the hockey gods visited the Cornèr Arena and helped Ambrì-Piotta to earn the extra point after shootout. Deservedly so.


Luca Cereda (Coach)

In fact, all the players of Ambrì-Piotta would deserve a special mention because of their determination. And so, symbolically, we reward the coach Luca Cereda who certainly prepared this game perfectly!



INTERVIEW – Daniel Manzato