Look at the time already, guys. We’re at the end of October and by now almost 40% of the regular season is gone. Let’s focus on the last month, anyway… let’s see, with an article for each team, the team’s Top Scorers for the month of October!

Who will be the leading scorer of this last month? Will be the same one who are currently wearing the yellow helmet? Let’s find out.

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Ambrì-Piotta are currently at the bottom of the table. Certainly not where they want to be. Yet, the performances, especially the latest ones and the last one delivered in Lugano, are getting better and better. What’s missing then? Certainly the Leventinesi lack of players who can put the puck in the net consistently. And in this regard, the injuries of several key players didn’t help. But let’s see who are the leading scorers.

Currently, Matt D’Agostini is the Top Scorer of the team. Let’s see, instead, the leading scorers of the month of October.


Matt D’Agostini is also the Top Scorer of October 2019. He scored at least one point in 5 of the last 6 games and, especially when he’s lined up with Marco Müller he can make the difference in the offensive zone. We mean, each year on the eve of the season many people think that Matt D’Agostini can’t have an impact on the team anymore… but then, each season, Matt proves everyone wrong and delivers excellent performances.

Few lines ago then, we wrote about Marco Müller… and it’s him the second placed player on the table. There is no denying that Marco Müller hadn’t got off to a great start of the season… but there is also no denying that he’s improving a lot lately and he delivered arguably his best performance of the season in the last derby against Lugano. The points are the logical consequence of his good performances.

Third placed then, there is Nick Plastino, an underrated precious player. He doesn’t score a lot, but his contribution in the offensive zone – especially when the teams are even-strength – is good. In fact, the 33 years old was the most prolific defenseman of the team in october.

Fourth placed, with the same number of goals scored of Matt D’Agostini, there is Fabio Hofer. Since when his transfer (Bienne) was announced… Fabio came back to score. He still lacks of consistency, both in terms of performances and goals scored. But the Austrian – who plays with a Swiss licence – is a great weapon at Cereda’s disposal.

Finally, two words on Dominic Zwerger. Luckily for Ambrì-Piotta, he recovered sooner than expected from him injury. We mean, Dominic is one of the most talented players of the league and he is crucial for the Leventinesi. We’re pretty sure that after the international break – if not already before – he will climb the leading scorer table.

See you next month guys. Who will be the Top Scorer of the month of November? In 30 days we’ll have the answers 🙂