From Stacy Roest to Juraj Simek… from a “legend” who collected almost 500 appearances with Rapperswil to a player who is currently on loan and played his second game with the Lakers on Friday night.

Or rather, from October 17th, 2009, to October 18th, 2019. That is, exactly 3’653 days later, or 10 years and one day later. What are we talking about? We’re talking about the time that passed between last Friday night and the last time that Rapperswil earned “3 points” in Zug!

We mean, from Stacy Roest to Juraj Simek… the players who scored the game winning goal in 2009 and 2019.

For the record, the Lakers won in Zug also on October 13th, 2012 – always in October… 🙂 – when they earned a 6-5 shootout win… but that, exactly, was “only” a 2-points win.

To sum up, Rapperswil never earned a “3 points win” at the Bossard Area. Back in 2009 in fact, Zug were still playing their home game at the glorious – but by then very old… – Herti. And it was right in that Arena that Rapperswil back then coached by Raimo Summanen were able for the last time, before this last Friday, to earn a “3 points” win in Zug!

We mean, it’s safe to say that Jeff Tomlinson’s troops achieved something big this week. At the Bossard Arena, they delivered the tactically perfect performance and won against the strongest team (on paper) of the league 3-2. It’s been a game made of sacrifices… but let’s face it, it was unthinkable that the Lakers could go and outplay the Bulls at the Bossard Arena.

Having said that, since we always like to dig up the past, let’s relive that game of 10 years and 1 day ago…



4’456 fans attended the game between Zug (coached by Doug Shedden) and Rapperswil at the Herti and the visitors earned a 2-1 win on the road. After a goalless first period, Damien Brunner gave the lead to Zug 70 seconds into the second third. At about the half-an-hour mark, however, Cyrill Geyer scored the tying goal for Rapperswil and finally Stacy Roest earned the win for the visitors during the early stages of the third period!

SRF Video Highlights

It feels like forever… and in fact, over 3’600 days are a lot. What’s important, however, is that Rappi won again in Zug. The win earned at the Bossard Arena was, as we said, somehow a historical one. And it was the umpteenth proof that this season the Lakers are a very tough nut to crack.

And it was also the umpteenth proof that in sport things not always go the way you think. Luckily so, we’d like to say.

We mean, it’s true that Zug are – on paper – the best team of the National League. Yet, we don’t understand why so many people think that if the Bulls don’t win the title means that they failed the season. As we could see on Friday night, it’s never easy to win. Not even for Zug.

Good luck to both teams for the season 🙂