ZSC Lions vs SCL Tigers 5-4 (OT) – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!




The ZSC Lions were on fire… Langnau for their part were going through a rough patch… on paper, the game of last night could turn out to be a walk in the park for Rickard Grönborg’s troops. And instead, as it is often the case in our National League, you can’t take anything for granted. And so finally the Lions earned a 5-4 overtime win, but Heinz Ehlers’ troops turned out to be a real tough nut to crack!

The visitors got off to a brillant start of the game but the first period was goalless. The Tigers’ hard work, however, paid off after the break. In a matter of 14 minutes and 4 seconds of the central period in fact, Ben Maxwell and Andrea Glauser scored the first two goals of the night!

During the latest stages of the second third though, the Lions scored their first goal with Fredrik Pettersson… and then Simon Bodenmann scored the tying goal during the early stages of the third period.

At that point, we though that the momentum was clearly on the ZSC Lions’ side. And instead the Tigers, other than delivering a great performance also showed some real character. And so, shortly after that, they restored their lead with Larri Leeger.

Grönborg’s guys used us to deliver great performances during the final thirds this season though…. and so it was the case also this time. And that led to the goals scored by Pius Suter and Simon Bodenmann with the latter who gave the lead to the hosts for the first time of the night! At that point, the game looked over.

Right, it “only” looked over… because as we said, Langnau proved to have some real character and this allowed them to score a well deserved tying goal at about 1 minute to the end!

Finally, this crazy and eventful game went to overtime… and 2 minutes and 3 seconds into it, Markus Krüger earned the extra point for the ZSC Lions!


Markus Krüger

Regardless of his performance… he scored his second overtime goal of the season. Do you think it’s an accident? We don’t think so.



INTERVIEW – Denis Hollenstein, Andrea Glauser