Grenoble vs SC Bern 1-3 – Game summary and video highlights!



Champions Hockey League 15.10.2019

Bern earned a 3-1 win against Grenoble and the road and thanks to the 3 points they make it to the Round of 16! This is a great achievement, seriously. Even if only because the Bears were able to elminate from the competition the Finn side Kärpät Oulu… the latter, finally finished third in the Group E table.

The game against Grenoble was to be taken with a grain of salt… and in fact, the French got off to a great start just like a week ago at the PostFinance Arena. This allowed them also to take the lead thanks to Dennis Kearney after 5 minutes and 55 seconds of play. Bern then slowly increased their level of play and Grenoble became way too undisciplined. It was therefore not an accident that, always during the first period, Tristan Scherwey equalized for the visitors.

As the game went on, Kari Jalonen’s troops started to put the hosts under huge pressure. And that let to the goal scored by Andrew Ebbett shortly after the half-an-hour mark. With hindsight, the Canadian’s goal turned out to be decisive as the Bears then handled the situation perfectly until the end and during the third period even set the 3-1 final score with Mark Arcobello.