2’544 days later… Rappi came back to win against Bern in the Regular Season!


So that’s it… after 2’544 days, Rapperswil finally earned a win against Bern in the Regular Season!

Last night Jeff Tomlinson’s troops delivered a terrific performance in terms of character and were able to earn a 5-4 overtime comeback win against Bern after that the Bears were leading firstly 3-0 and then 4-1.

We mean, what a magical night. Yet another night that proved that the version 2019-20 of Rappi a just is at a different level compared to last season!

What about earning a win against Bern then? That hasn’t happened in a long while. As we said, last night marked 2’544 days since the last time the Lakers won against Bern in the Regular Season. More precisely, the last time dated back to October 23rd, 2012.

For the record, the Lakers won against Bern also on March 18th, 2014. 5-4 the final score at the Diners Club Arena. In that case, however, it was a meaningless playout round game.

Back to the win earned on October 23rd, 2012, instead… Rapperswil were coached by Harry Rogenmoser at the time while Bern by Antti Törmänen. The game was played at the Diners Club Arena and the hosts earned a 3-0 win!

Let’s relive that game…



Rapperswil earned a 3-0 home win in front of 4’119 fans… actually more fans than last night! The visitors had two power-play opportunities during the first period but after 13 minutes and 4 seconds of play Matteo Nodari gave the lead to the hosts. After a goalless central period then, the Lakers made the difference just like last night in the third period… during which Jason Spezza and Antonio Rizzello (empty-netter) set the 3-0 final score! To note that the then goalie of Rappi David Aebischer earned a well-deserved shutout.

We mean, that was so long ago. But finally Rapperswil last night were able to win again against Bern after 17 attempts!

Yet, is it good omen for the Lakers to win a Regular Season game against Bern? More or less, yes… Rappi in fact, finished the 2012-13 Regular Season 11th placed. And then secured their NL place thanks to the 4-3 overall win against Langnau in the playout final series.

Things instead went better for Bern after that defeat suffered at the Diners Club Arena. In fact, things went fantastically well! The Bears finished the Regular Season second placed and then… and then they went all the way to the final won 4-2 overall against Fribourg Gottéron!

Now, however, times have changed. Rapperswil were on the decline in 2012… they were continously flirting with relegation and finally got relegated in 2015. Now, instead, Jeff Tomlinson’s troops are trying their hardest to stabilize themselves in the National League and are doing a good job. We mean, improvements compared to last season are there for everyone to see… this season in fact, Rappi are a very tough nut to crack and have every intention of continue continuing to amaze!

Bern for their part are currently going through a rough patch… but they’ve been by far the best team in years. Last night in Rapperswil they lost their 7th game of the last 9. Soon enough, however, it’s likely that the Bears will roar their way back. Maybe also “thanks” to this painful defeat suffered at the St. Gallen Kantonalbank Arena.

Good luck for the season, Rappi and Bern!