HC05 Banska Bystrica vs HC Ambrì-Piotta 0-4 – Game summary and video highlights!



Champions Hockey League – 08.10.2019

It will not be easy for Ambrì-Piotta to make it through the next CHL round, becasue Färjestad only need to win their last game of the group stage against Red Bull München (who are already sure to finish the group stage at the top of the table…). But Luca Cereda’s boys, anyway, once again proved that they took this tournament seriously and went to earn a very well deserved 4-0 win against Banska Bystrica on the road!

The Slovakian got off to a good start of the game but it was only a flash in the pan, because as the game went on the Leventinesi proved to be by far the most talented team… and in fact that was enough to seal the three points during the first two periods of play.

It took only 7 minutes in fact to Johnny Kneubuehler and Matt D’Agostini to give the visitors a 2-goals lead. While during the central period, again Matt D’Agostini and finally Dominic Zwerger (what a beauty his goal!!) set the 4-0 final score.

To sum up, it was a good test. Basnka Bystrica aren’t perhaps a steamroller but certainly fought hard and at times played very tough. Finally, however, the Biancoblù deserved the three points that are a godsend for the morale of the whole club!