Lugano were deservedly our last TOP team of the week despite the away shootout defeat suffered against Langnau on the road. There is no denying in fact, that Sami Kapanen’s guys are improving a lot and we think it’s safe to say that – at least during the early stages of the games – the Bianconeri are showing arguably the best hockey in the National League.

However, it’s important to underline that “during the early stages” of the games. Lugano in fact, oftentimes get off to brillant starts and put the opponents under huge pressure. As the games go on then, inevitably the level of play is less effective because the physical condition that must improve and because the players still have to fully adapt to the new system of play… it’s anyway impressive the way Kapanen’s troops start the games. Also the figures confirm that fact, and so let’s have a look at the trend of goals scored and goals against.

p.s. considering that only 9 games have been played, it’s clear that each data is to be taken with a grain of salt and will have to be verified later on.


The chart speaks for itself. During the early stages of the games Lugano are very strong! In fact, the Bianconeri scored a goal during the first 10 minutes of play in 7 games out of 9… and overall, they scored 12 goals during the first periods of play. None of the NL teams did better.

In practical terms, Lugano scored at least a goal during the first periods of play in every game apart from the second one of the season against Davos. None of the NL teams did better.

To this, we can also add the fact that Kapanen’s guys conceded only 4 goals during the first periods of play, just like Fribourg Gottéron who, however, played 2 games less… only Davos did better with only 2 goals conceded, by the Ibexes played 3 games less.

We mean, it’s safe to say that Lugano are the best team during the first periods of play!

This indicates, among other things, that there is a lot of goodwill.

Then again, overall, from the chart you can see that as the games go on, Lugano aren’t so effective. This is surely due to the physical condition, that will improve anyway, and to the fact that they have room for improvement when it comes to read the game.

Things are improving already a lot though. Let’s take as an example the last two games prior to the away game played at the Ilfishalle, where surely the players were also a little bit tired.

Lugano got off to a brillant start as usual against Ambrì-Piotta, then they handled the situation very well and finally earned a well deserved win. Against Zürich then, things went even better… after the usual great start, ruined by a goal conceded, the Bianconeri not only handled the situation very well but were even able – during the third period – to score at the key moments against the current NL league leaders.

But let’s back to the development of the games. There are other figures that prove how the Bianconeri are dominant during the early stages of the games. For example, the number of shots and shots against.


Also in this case, the figures speak for themselves. The Bianconeri are dominant during the early stages of the games. Then, however, it’s obvious that it’s impossible to keep the same pace for 60 minutes unless you’re in perfect form or until when you can perfectly read all the situations… if we focus on “tiredness” though, the latter turns into lack of cool head in front of the net, and this last factor is evidenced by the following graph about the scoring percentage.


Lugano have a scoring percentage of 12% during the first periods of play but then the figures is halved during the following two periods.

We mean, to sum up, it’s obvious that there is room for improvement. But all together it bodes very well for Lugano. The system of play of Sami Kapanen is very demanding but it’s clear that the team is improving with the passing of time.

And improvements, are evidenced also by other figures. In fact, Lugano had conceded overall 12 goals during the second and third periods of play in the first 5 games of the season… and instead, conceded only 5 – including 3 in Langnau – in the last 4 games.

What can we say? It’s it’s true that well begun is half done… considering the room for improvement and the progress already made, the Bianconeri can seriously have a great season!