Ambrì-Piotta earned a 4-0 home win against Fribourg Gottéron on October 4th, 2019… Luca Cereda’s troops literally outplayed the Dragons and, in fact, put to an end the “Mark French” era after almost 900 days.

Instead, it’s been much more than 900 days since the Biancoblù weren’t able to shutout the Dragons. More precisely, it’s been 4’403 days… and even more precisely, the last time the Leventinesi shutout Gottéron dated back to September 14th, 2007!

We mean, Daniel Manzato entered the history books as the first goalie after Thomas Bäumle capable of earning a shutout for Ambrì-Piotta against Fribourg Gottéron!

As you know, we always like to talk about such curious anecdotes. Even if only because we can jump at the chance to talk about the past and about players who wrote a piece of history of our hockey. And so, without further ado, let’s relive that game of 12 years ago…



That was the opener of the 2007-08 season and both teams were coming off a very poor season at the end of which they missed the playoffs. In this game, it took not so long to the Leventinesi – back then coached by Jan Tlacil – to seal the win… more precisely, it took them 16 minutes and 32 seconds. That is, the time required by Eric Westrum, Oleg Siritsa and again Erik Westrum to take the hosts 3-goals ahead. During the central period then, Lovis Schönenberger extended the Biancoblù’s lead to 4-goals… and finally, during the third third, Félicien Du Bois set the 5-0 final score in front of 5’098 fans!


Back then, the coach of Fribourg Gottéron was a certain Serge Pelletier… who was assisted by two guys who, nowadays, are coaching in Ticino. We’re talking about René Matte (Luca Cereda’s assistant) and Alex Reinhard (currently head coach of the Ticino Rockets).

To note, moreover, that Paolo Duca – currently the SD of Ambrì-Piotta – was lined up that day. He didn’t score points but was assessed a 2 minutes minor penalty at about the half-an-hour mark.

Here, the video highlights of that game (SRF.CH).


The Biancoblù’s season, after that great start, sort of went south. Ambrì-Piotta in fact, finished the Regular Season 11th placed and secured their place in the NLA only after that they won the playout final against Basel. Instead, after that poor start, Fribourg Gottéron had a better season… firstly the Dragons struggled and made it to the playoffs at the last gasp as 8th placed. But then, they were able to shock Bern at the quarterfinal stages and made it to the semifinal… where they were eliminated by Genève Servette.

We mean, put it like that, it’s safe to say that it’s good omen for the Dragons not to score a single goal at the Valascia during a game of the Regular Season… when it comes to Ambrì-Piotta though, the fans surely hope that things can go better compared to the 2007-08 season.

Good luck for this season, Ambrì-Piotta and Fribourg Gottéron!