ZSC Lions vs HC Ambrì-Piotta 5-3 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!




The ZSC Lions earned a 5-3 win against Ambrì-Piotta, they extended their winning run to 3-games and remain undefeated at the Hallenstadion. We mean, overall it was a great night for Rickard Grönborg’s troops.

It was a great night also because they had to fight hard to win against the Leventinesi, and finally, it was a great night also because – frankly speaking – it’s likely that the Lions would have lost such a game last season.

Having said that, Luca Cereda’s guys got off to a good start and took the lead thanks to Michael Fora who scored during the first power-play opportunity of the game. Then, however, the hosts hit 5 times (yep, 5 times!) the post during the first period… but they were also good enough to turn the score around with Raphael Prassl and Pius Suter.

During the central period then, Ambrì-Piotta were by far the better side. We think it’s safe to say that the visitors outplayed the Lions in their own den… and were rewarded for that during the latest stages when Dominic Zwerger scored the tying goal!

Oftentimes, a goal scored shortly before the second break turns out to be a decisive one, and it was therefore not an accident in our opinion that Ambrì-Piotta finally restored their lead during the early stages of the third period with Elias Bianchi.

The goal scored by the Ticinesi’s captain could have been a huge blow for Rickard Grönborg’s guys. The latter instead, used the goal conceded as “wake up call” and drastically increased their level of play. From that moment on, we think it’s safe to say that it was the Lions’ turn to outplay the opponents… and that led to the goals scored by Raphael Prassl, Tim Berni and Garrett Roe who set the 5-3 final score!


Garrett Roe

Garrett Roe is pure energy… the former Zug player always try his hardest and also against Ambrì-Piotta tallied points (1 goal, 1 assist).