EV Zug vs Lausanne HC 5-6 – Game summary, statistics and video highlights!




Zug and Lausanne gifted the fans with a quite eventful game… one of that kind of a game that is a nightmare of any coach. Finally, anyway, the Lions Vaudois deservedly earned a 6-5 win!

The first part of the game was literally crazy. Lausanne took a 4-goals lead thanks to Joël Genazzi, Yannick Herren, Jonas Junland and Tyler Moy in a matter of 13 minutes and 51 seconds… and that forced Dan Tangnes to replace Leonardo Genoni with Luca Hollenstein, with the latter who was at his National League debut.

Zug finally reacted at that point, and few minutes later scored their first goal of the night with Yannick Zehnder… franly speaking though, Lausanne were by far the better side. And that fact obviously ennerved the Bulls, who played quite tough.

Nevertheless, during the early stages of the central period, Oscar Lindberg scored the second goal for the hosts during a power-play opportunity… but the Lions Vaudois looked unimpressed and shortly after that restored their 3-goals lead with Cody Almond.

Game over? Nope… because Gregory Hofmann scored a third game for Zug during the latest stages of the central period and therefore the two teams went to the second break with the score 3-5.

Lausanne, however, restored once again their 3-goals lead with Joël Vermin 8 minutes and 38 seconds into the third period… Game over this time? Nope… because in a matter of 3 minutes – between the 50th and the 53rd minute of play – this “crazy” Zug made it a brand new game thanks to Jérôme Bachofner and Gregory Hofmann.

Contrary to what happened on Saturday night against Zürich, however, Zug weren’t able to complete the comeback and therefore Lausanne earned a very well-deserved 6-5 win.


Cory Emmerton

Cory Emmerton’s performance was great. He had 4 assists… but, most and above all, he did a terrific job! Perhaps you don’t see him much, but he always does the right thing at the right time.