Bern are coming off yet another successful season… the Bears won the title for the third time in four years and were real merciless steamrollers, capable of making the difference when it really mattered!

And now, for the umpteenth time, they’re about to start a season as favourites. Even if only because they’re the title holders, Kari Jalonen’s guys are to be considered the ones who more than anyone else can win the title. A title that would be the fourth one in five seasons… Will they be able to achieve such a feat?

Here is our season preview!


Winning mindset

If you want to win, it’s not enough to have good players… you need to have the winning mindset, that allows you to make the difference at the key moments of the season. And in this regard, there is no one around better than Bern! This whole club has “winning mindset” written all over it, both on and off the ice. Moreover, the board is always doing a terrific job! They say money is everything… and yes, Bern have money, but mostly they have an enviable structure!


Bern have an impressive roster, especially in defense. In fact, there is no denying that the Mutzen have all the right players in the right place. Offensive minded ones, defensive ones, snipers, hard workers, bottom six players… and so on. Kari Jalonen can seriously consider himself as a lucky coach!

System of play

Frankly speaking, in our opinion, Bern’s system of play – the one of Kari Jalonen – is not always spectacular… equally frankly speaking, however, it cannot be denied that it’s very difficult for everyone to face Bern! The Mutzen have a rock-solid defensive system that makes the opponents’ life a hell… and they’re even able to make the difference in the offensive zone.


Regardless of everything, Bern turn into a steamroller once the playoffs begin… It’s always been like that and it’s likely that will always be like that. You can count on the fingers of one hand the times Bern underperformed during playoffs… and those cases, were nothing but the exception that proved the rule.



Far be it from us to diminish Niklas Schlegel value… in fact, the 25 years old former Zürich talent showed a great courage when he accepted to take Leonardo Genoni’s place between the pipes. Moreover, he finally has the opportunity, to show off all his value as nr. one goalie. Considering that Leonardo Genoni is the best goalie around, however, it’s obvious that people have some doubts about the goalie. It’s important never to compare what was before and what is now… Leonardo is Leonardo, Niklas is Niklas. Point.


When it comes to sport professionals, to talk about fulfillment might be out of line… at least partially. Right, because – even if only subconsciously – it can happen that some player loses that “hunger” after years of success. This can happen mostly during the Regular Season. The problem is, that results below expectations during the Regular Season, might lead to lose a bit of self-confidence in view of the playoffs.


Zug in particular look impressive. And let’s face it, it didn’t happen often that Bern started a season with a roster that, on paper, is second to someone… on the one hand, this can become a great motivation for Bern, as many experts see Zug as the number one favourite to win the title. On the other hand, however, this season Bern have to fight even harder to have success!


Tristan Schwerwey

Tristan Scherwey will miss the first few games of the season because he’s overseas attending the Ottawa Senators training camp… but it doesn’t really matter, because then he will come back to Bern and will make the difference as usual. Tristan is one of those few forwards who can do everything. He can score, he brings in a lot of energy, he’s a “troublemaker” and even a leader. We mean, he’s an essential player for a team that wants to be successful.

Mark Arcobello

He’s always in the right place at the right time… he always scores the perfect goal at the perfect moment… perhaps at times you don’t see him much on the ice, but he’s that kind of a player every coach wants in his team… we’re talking about Mark Arcobello, one of the most precious players of the league. He will play, as usual, a key role.

Ramon Untersander

Ironically, one can say that Ramon Untersander is some sort of a new addition for Bern… that’s because he missed most of last Regular Season because of injury. And anyway, we’re talking about an exceptional defenseman that is a real strength for Bern.


Inti Pestoni

Inti Pestoni is a pure talent. He did great things in Ambrì… then he struggled in Zürich… but finally relaunched his career in Davos. Frankly speaking, we had doubts that he would adapt to Kari Jalonen’s system of play… then again, on second thought, he can actually surprise everybody and gift Bern’s fans with many joys!


Bern always start with the idea of winning the title. This year is no exception. In fact, we believe that the Mutzen are still to be considered the number one favourite for the title. Be it because they’re strong… be it because they’re the title holders… and be it also because, if not above all, when the playoffs start, they become a steamroller. Bern have such a winning mindset that must be considered the favourite. Then again, it won’t be easy… actually, it will hard! But if we’re to establish a ranking of the favourites… well, the Mutzen are at the top of the table.

Our prediction

1st – 3rd


“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen!”

Michael Jordan

There are those who want to win the title… some instead, wish to win the title… finally, others make it happen. Point. When it comes to the last category of people, Bern are among them. That is, the most titled team of the playoff era in Switzerland. The team that, also this season, has all it takes to win!


Below, the link to the article about our analysis of the transfers in view of the 2019-20 season. From us instead… that’s it. We wish the Lakers and all their fans all the best for the season!

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