Zug are coming off a great season despite the defeat suffered in the final against Bern. In our opinion, the Bulls were those who, over the arc of the 2018-19 season, put the best modern hockey on display.

And now, they’re even stronger… right, because Zug are about to start the 2019-20 season with the best roster in their history! Will this be enough to win the title again after over 20 years of wait? Only time will tell.

Therefore, in the meantime, here is our season preview!



Zug were already good last season… but went all in and now they have the best team in their history. It’s as simple as that! The Bulls’ roster changed a lot, but there is no denying that the team has been impressively reinforced. We mean, the club put at Dan Tangnes’ disposal enough players to aim high. But very high!

Offensive play

It’s pointless to name names… the truth is that, when it comes to offensive play, Zug have enough players to be a top team. We mean, it’s likely that the Bulls won’t struggle to put the puck in the net. Let us not forget, moreover, that there are also many offensive defensemen in the roster who can make it regularly in the scoresheet.

Hunger for success

Zug are hungry… they want to win the title again after more than 20 years. As we all know, the hunger for success can seriously make the difference. Moreover, the Bulls won the Swiss Cup last February… perhaps most of you underestimate this fact, and instead we think that it’s always helpful to win a trophy in order to build a winning mindset.

EVZ Academy

Zug have a great present but also a bright future… of course, the club spares no francs in order to get back to win. But what about the EVZ Academy? It’s a real precious gem that will guarantee the Bulls to stay at the highest levels in Switzerland on an ongoing basis.



When you spend a lot, and when you have such a great team… well, there is no denying that each negative result will be a cause for concern. The truth is that “to invest” doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with “success” and we had so many proof of that in the past. We mean, Zug are certainly among the main title contenders… but it won’t be a walk in the park as many people think.

The defense

Well, guys, we’re pulling a needle out of a haystack here… we mean, Zug have a very good defense. Yet, if we want to find three potential weaknesses, the defense – when it comes to defensive play – can be a problem. Even if only because if we talk about defensive defensemen, it looks like there is not enough depth… then again, we just pulled a needle out of a haystack.


Zug won the last title back in 1998… after that, they went so close – and yet so far… – from winning again. We don’t think it’s an accident in every way. And we also don’t think it’s an accident the fact that, from 1999 to date, only Bern, ZSC Lions, Davos and Lugano were able to win the title. We mean, traditionally, the Bulls tend to throw away glorious chances. Will they be able to reverse the trend?


Leonardo Genoni

A goalie always plays a key role in order to have success… especially during the playoffs. And Zug can now count on the best one around, it’s as simple as that. Leonardo Genoni turns into a wall between the pipes as the season goes on and he’s currently the most winning Swiss goalie in history. He won wherever he played – in Bern and Davos – … will he be able to help the team and do the same in Zug?

Johann Morant

We could name one of the countless stars… Jan Kovar, Gregory Hofmann. Lino Martschini, Oscar Lindberg. Or again, Raphäel Diaz and so on. The truth is, however, that a team also needs charismatic guys who can “take the gloves off” and change the momentum of a game, especially at the key moments. In this regard, there is no denying that Johann Morant will play a key role!

Dan Tangnes (Coach)

When it comes to modern and spectacular hockey, Dan Tangnes turned out to be one of the most brillant coach of the league last season. If not the most brillant one. Now, the Norwegian coach has a “Ferrari” at his disposal… and his task, among other things will be to make this team a tight-knit group. Will he be able to drive this “Ferrari” to success?


A young guy of the EVZ Academy

In fact, it’s difficult to find a real potential surprise… we mean, if we look at Zug’s roster, there are only great players who already proved capable of doing great things in the NLA. And so, we choose one or more young guys of the EVZ Academy… we’re pretty sure that also this season some precious gem will find the way to make himself a name. Who? Time will tell…


The target is clearly the title… no ifs, no buts. Zug have all it takes to go a long way and even to become Swiss Champions again after over 20 years of wait. Careful though, you can’t take anything for granted… way too many people already think that the Bulls will win. But the truth is that, during a long season, anything can happen. Moreover, starting from the playoffs a new season will start as usual. We mean, it’s clear that Dan Tangnes’ troops are to be considered among the favourites and that, on paper, there is no one better around. Yet, it would be dangerous to take anything for granted. Sport in fact, is not an exact science.

Our prediction

1st – 3rd


“It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be!”

Connor McDavid

When it comes to Connor McDavid, it comes to one of the best players in the world… he’s only 22 and yet he’s already a world star. He’s also saying though, that it’s not how good you are but it’s how good you want to be! Zug look like a steamroller on paper… but will have to fight hard in order to become Swiss Champions. We mean, what really matters, is how good Zug want to be!


Below, the link to the article about our analysis of the transfers in view of the 2019-20 season. From us instead… that’s it. We wish the Bulls and all their fans all the best for the season!

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