Starting from the 2019-20 season, the National League will be a bit poorer. Right, because Sébastien Reuille – a warrior who fought in a thousand battles – decided to put his career to an end after 20 years.

A career during which he wore only three jerseys in the NLA. The ones of Kloten, Rapperswil and Lugano.

In the upcoming days, we’ll publish an interview we had the pleasure to do with Sébastien. It was really nice meeting him as a player and as a Man. Already now, we want to thank him for his time and kindness.

Today instead, we want to go over his career. Starting right from the fact that he’s a real Man, with a capital M. Because Sébastien was always able to get back after falling down… he’s gone through several downs but never gave up… he was appreciated and respected by anyone, not only by the HC Lugano’s fans – teams where he played 12 seasons – but also by the fans of all the other teams in Switzerland.

In fact, we think it’s safe to say that we’ve never heard anything bad about Sébastien Reuille.

His career really took off in the Elite Jr. of EHC Kloten, where he was a scoring machine of a team that could count on many other players who then had a career in the top tier of Swiss hockey… we’re talking, among others, about Sven Helfenstein, Benjamin Plüss, Deny Bärtschi, Martin Höhener, Severin Blindenbacher, Dario Kostovic and Adrian Wichser.


His dream day instead, namely the one of the NLA debut, came during the 1998-99 season… when in a Kloten vs Davos game he could make his debut in the top tier of Swiss hockey with the Airmen!

In the NLA, Sébastien immediately showed all his commitment skills and he was among the fastest players in the league. Contrary to the Elite Jr. period, however, probably also because he was assigned different roles, he didn’t turn out to be a scoring machine.

But ice hockey is not only made of points. And Sébastien, who nevertheless has collected almost 400 points during his career – was always a precious player.


Rapperswil probably understood that before anyone else, as they signed him in 2001. And Sébastien scored his first goal, for the St. Gallen’s based side, during the third game with the Lakers on September 14th, 2001… On that day, Rappi hosted Fribourg Gottéron and earned a 7-1 win. Séba scored the second goal for the hosts – therefore the game winning goal – assisted by Morger and Heim.

Sébastien Reuille remained three seasons in Rapperswil. Three seasons during which he set his NLA points record and this fact, among other things, convinced Lugano to bet on him.


On the eve of the 2004-05 season in fact, Séba joined the Bianconeri. He made his debut on the seasonal opener in Davos and he had two assists. Instead, he scored his first goal for Lugano on October 17th, 2004… On that day, the Tessiner hosted Langnau and earned a 7-1 win (just like Rapperswil against Gottéron when Reuille scored his first goal for the St. Gallen’s based club). Séba scored the fifth goal, assisted by Jeannin and Nummelin, for the team back then coached by Larry Huras.

His first adventure in Lugano lasted three seasons… right on time to win the title back in 2006. And then…


On the eve of the 2007-08 season, Sébastien Reuille came back to Rapperswil. And also in this case, the experience in the Canton of St. Gallen lasted three seasons. That was before coming back, once and forever, on the shores of the Ceresio lake where he then put an end to his career at the end of the 2018-19 season. He never won the title with the Bianconeri again… but his performances, his attitude and his determination, were the ones of a real Champion! Sébastien might not be that kind of a player who makes you win a game because of a play in the offensive zone – even though in Bienne everybody still remembers him for what happened during the 2018 playoffs… – but a player who thanks to his skills can prevent the opponents from scoring. That alone, most of the time, is worth as much as a goal.


Sébastien’s career has been made of many ups… few downs… goals… assists… blocked shots… sacrifices… injuries… changes, as initially he was more attacking minded while then turned into a great defensive forward… Séba, thanks to his qualities and attitudes, won over the fans’ hearts.

When a team wants to be a successful one, needs players who can put the puck in the net… reliable goalies… and warriors like Sébastien Reuille!

He was a player who always came off the ice with a sweaty jersey, and the fans appreciated that a lot. He never slacked off when it came to take one for the team. Moreover, we don’t recall – by heart – any ugly fouls.

We’re talking about a player who’s been able, as the years went on, to adapt himself to the changes of ice hockey and this allowed him to always have a prominent role in the team. Perhaps not for the goals scored… even though he scored some important ones. But most and above all… because of the goals he prevented the other teams from scoring and for those plays – that oftentimes fans don’t see – that always helped the team… be it a right check at the right time… be it a blocked or deflected shot… be it the right play to allow the team to change line… all things that made Séba a player every coach would like to have in his team!

All things that made Séba the “warrior” we all know!

His retirement, as we previously said, makes the NLA poorer. Because not only does Swiss ice hockey lose a great player… but mostly, if not above all, because Swiss ice hockey loses a great Man!

As for us… stay tuned guys, because as we said we’ll publish soon a great interview with Séba!