Canada – Finland 1-3 – The Finns are the 2019 World Champions!


2019 FINAL



Finland earned a 3-1 win against Canada and therefore is the 2019 World Champion!

The win is a sweet one for the Finns, even because they’d lost the three previous finals against Canada this century… and the win, in fact and on this occasion, it was the one of the “Finnish style” vs the “Canadian style”.

Which, in our opinion, we don’t know if it’s really a good thing…

But the fact is that Finland’s win made sense. Jukka Jalonen’s troops put once again an impressive team spirit on display and were able to score at the key moments of the game to win this historical gold medal!

Canada got off to a good start… but it was Finland who had the first real scoring chances when they missed a shootout. Nevertheless, the Canadians took the lead with Shea Theodore after 10 minutes and 2 seconds of play… and overall, during the first period, Canada looked the stronger side out there.

It all changes 2 minutes and 35 seconds into the second period though, when Marko Anttila equalized for Finland. From that moment on, the game was more balanced and actually the Finns turned the momentum of the game in their favour… to the point that, 2 minutes and 35 seconds into the third period, it was again Captain Marko Anttila who put Finland 2-1 ahead in the score!

At that point the Canadians, just like in the game against Switzerland, went “all” in and so the rest of the game was played basically uninterruptedly in the defensive zone of Jalonen’s troops… uninterruptedly apart from the 55th minute of play, when Harri Pesonen was able to set the 3-1 final score for Finland!

Team spirit won the game. Finland perhaps doesn’t play champagne hockey… but it’s a team who can drive the opponents nuts thanks to its almost flawless defensive system. And it’s a team who proved to be very self-confident and that allowed to put the puck in the net at the right time.

And then, Congratulations Finland!