Bratislava, May 19th, 2019

Our game summary, statistics and video highligths!

Switzerland suffered a second consecutive defeat. After the 4-3 loss against Sweden of last night in fact, our guys lost 3-0 against Russia.

Let us not beat around the bus… the Russians had the game under total control for most of the time. Point.

The first period was the perfect example of that. The Russians put us under huge pressure and also took the lead with Artyom Ansimov… moreover, even missed several glorious chances to extend their lead.

At the same time, however, Russia is a strange team in its own way. A team that, from one moment to another, starts to mirror itself a bit too much. And our guys, right in those moments, were able to find a way to make themselves dangerous.

The key moment of the game, anyway, was probably between the first and the second break. During the latest stages of the first period in fact, Switzerland had a power-play opportunity… and during the early stages of the second third, Switzerland had another power-play opportunity. Yet, no goals were scored.

Instead, shortly after that, the Russian had a power-play opportunity on their turn and extended their lead with Nikita Kucherov. At that point, it was easy to imagine that they would have won the game.

As the game went on then, Patrick Fischer’s troops found the courage to become more proactive. The Russians, however, always had the situation under control. And during the third period, at about five minutes to the end, they set the 3-0 final score with (again) Nikita Kucherov.

It’s ok anyway. We all knew it was difficult tonight. Our guys tried hard, but there was no deal to make tonight. It’s as simple as that. Actually, this defeat can be a godsend to make us realize that between “us” and the “big guns” there is still a gap.

There is no one to blame for that. It’s just the truth. And it doesn’t mean that we can’t dream big… when a game it’s a “to do or die” in fact, anything can happen. Moreover, the Swiss are ready to sell their lives dearly. Like they always did.

At times, anyway, it’s pointless trying to make excuses… in fact, it’s fair to recognize when your opponent was stronger in every way. Then, there is always the chance to to better next time and to try harder.

Up and at them guys,